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29mm spacers for aligning rudder pedalsflap pushrod clearance improvedRadio and intercom
35mm film can spray gunflap pushrod clearance problemradio panel instruments trial fit
3D Mouldings label in bonding areaflap pushrod hole in tunnel bulkheadradio panel populated
90mm spacer block for rudder pedal shaft alignmentFlap root extension inner layupsradio panel trial fit
A bad layupFlap root extension outer layupsradio panel water-jet cut
Abrading for BID under FL18sflap slot damage insidere-align firewall fuel elbow
abrasion hazards to C04 water hoseflaps stored in cockpitRe-bonding port wing TE
abrasion protection for C04 water hoseFlettner strips bonded to tabsre-doing spar hole layups
abrasion protection for C04 water hoseflox channel around compass mount armre-hanging engine
Access hole in cockpit module tunnelfloxing vent pipe holesreaching into footwell
Access hole positions transferred insideFlying but not in a EuropaRear upper fuselage holes marked
access panel and support rib layupsFoam supports carved to fit under footwell floorsrebate around tunnel slot for tie-bar
Adapting fuel filter for MAP sensorForward socket heater clampRecesses for switch guard nuts
adaptor mounting bars on TN21 GPS sourceForward wing socket bolts - portredundant cylinder shroud
Adding an extra wire to firewall penetrationForward wing socket bolts - starboardRedux pre-bond thickness on port wing ribs
Adjusting card template for fuel filler coverFuel elbow adjustedRedux spread ready for wing skin bond
Adjusting height of wing slingfuel filler trial fittingRedux surplus after pre-bonding
aft baffleFuel gauge sender headRedux test piece
Aft baffle anchor nutsfuel hose clearance from engine mountRedux test piece broken
Aft baffle fuel hose slot changedfuel hose firewall fitting mockupRedux thickness on starboard rib flanges
Aft port wing pin socket pad shimmedfuel hose in tunnelregulator mounted on firewall
Aft wing pin socket padsfuel hose marked for cutting at firewallRelease film for wing skin pre-bonding
Aft wing socket new hole - portfuel hose protection on aft baffleRemoving a bad top-hat layup
aileron balance after paintingfuel hose protection on aft baffle - wrong sizeRemoving another bad top-hat layup
aileron balance after painting with dimension linesfuel hose routing in tunnelremoving engine
aileron balance after sanding undersidesfuel hose with clip in tunnelremoving engine mount fixings
aileron balance check after paint removalfuel hose, tunnel to firewallRemoving flap root extension former
aileron balance check after paint removalfuel hoses all connectedremoving MGL E-3 for firmware update
aileron balancing after 2nd paintingfuel hoses with firesleeveremoving old connectors from fuel filler
Aileron drive bolt alignmentFuel level sensor amplifierremoving old connectors from fuel filler
aileron fillingfuel level sensor cover fittedResin pump calibration checks
Aligning flap hinge plates FL1 FL2 FL3Fuel level sensor tee-pieceRestrictor hose with firesleeve
alignment fixture for flap cross-tube guidefuel line from flow sender to unionretract bungee re-fitted
Alternative filters for MAP sensorfuel line union at wheel wellretract bungee secured
alternator and GR6 regulator connexionsfuel pipe from gascolator to pumpRetract down-latch
alternator cable securedfuel pipe from pump to flow senderretract lever fitted
altimeter comparisonfuel pipe to gascolatorretract lever guide plate
altimeter knob shaft extenderFuel pipes from tank to selector valveRetract lever holes
AN970-3 washers modifiedfuel pressure gauge connectedRetract lever position
anchor nuts for baffle fixingFuel pump and flow sensor wiringRetract lever slot cut
anchor nuts for compass armFuel pump clearanceRetract lever slot marking-out
anchor nuts for cooler bafflesFuel pump hoses with firesleeve re-alignedrg58 antenna cable service loop
Arbour press ram modificationfuel return firewall fitting completedRig tailplanes
ATR833 comm radio diagnosticsFuel return hose with firesleeveRight-angle adaptor for wing-leveller servo
ATR833 connector wiringfuel return line in cockpitright-angle bracket layup cured
attaching Belleville washer to spar cupfuel return restrictorright-angle connector cover for wing leveller servo
audio sockets fittedfuel systemRivet nut hole repair patch bonded
audio wires solderedFuel tank adaptorsRivet nut hole repair patch bonding
audio wires supportedfuel tank C adaptor fittedRivet nut hole repair patch positioning
Audio wiring supportFuel tap cover modifiedRivet nuts fitted on starboard door
Audio wiring supportedFuel valve trial assemblyroll servo connected
awkward screw on bafflefuel ventroll servo connector
axle bolt lockwirefuseblock wiringroll servo wires bundled
Bad and good airline connectorsfuseblocks connectedroll servo wires laced
baffle clearance at oil tankfuseholder studs shortenedRouting out brown foam
baffle clearance from oil hosesfuselage centreline marksRowland with hammer
baffle clearance from oil tank elbowfuselage damage at flap cross-tubeRTV around firewall
baffle clearance from water hoseFuselage dollyRTV around firewall
baffle edge sealsfuselage hard-points for wing pin socketsrubber parts of rudder shaft seal
baffle for gap between radiator and oil coolerfuselage in trailerrubbing blocks on tower
baggage bay - first edge layupsfuselage level for SmartASS orientationRudder bellcrank split-pins
ball fitting on stbd doorfuselage levelling jigrudder cable seal port
battery boxFuselage on starboard siderudder cable seal starboard
battery box mouldFuselage parked tail end inRudder cable turnbuckles installed aft
battery isolator etc mountedfuselage ready to go into trailerrudder crank firewall relief marking
battery strap sewingFuselage spar hole layuprudder deflection 2nd check
Beam balance fine adjusterFuselage spar hole repairrudder deflection first check
bent screwfuselage top propped upRudder flange damage
BID layup for right-angle bracketsfuselage top upside down in garagerudder hung on clecos
blue foam for seat bases and battery box mouldFuselage trim lineRudder jig for sanding
blue foam side stiffenerFuselage upside-downRudder layup
Bonding clip for sight gauge tubingFuselage winched out of trailerRudder port side filled
Bonding CS02 and CS03gap at bottom of oil coolerrudder pulley access covers
Bonding CS05 to CS03gap between cooling duct and cowlrudder shaft seal fixings
bonding eyeball ventsgap between radiator and oil coolerrudder shaft seal fixings
bonding fin tipgap for upper bump stoprudder shaft seal fixings
bonding Flettner strips to tabsgaps in duct around coolersrudder shaft seal fixings
Bonding in FL18sGarden shedrudder shaft seal fixings
bonding in flap cross-tube guidegascolator hatch splash mouldingrudder shaft seal fixings
Bonding in port wing horn boxesGel coat drips & runsrudder shaft seal fixings
bonding lower port footwell conduitGel-coat trial finishRudder shaft seals fitted
Bonding on fuselage top mouldingGel-coating rudderRudder starboard side polished
Bonding pitot/static tubing clipsgetting ready to fill tailplaneSagging filler
bonding port NACA ductGPO Research Station Dollis Hillsanded through paint on starboard aiieron
bonding shoot bolt guide in doorGPS antenna fittedSander for curved parts
bonding side stiffenersGPS antenna ground planeSanding filler on rudder
bonding starboard cockpit conduitGPS antennae on instrument modulesanding paint off stbd aileron upper surface
bonding starboard NACA ductGPS talking to autopilotsanding paint off underside of starboard aileron
bonding studs to underside of tunnelGR6 regulator connectorsanding port aileron underside
bonding TA50 GPS antenna mountGrommets for wires entering instrument modulesanding port aileron upper side
bonding TA50 to mountHandle for lifting forward end of fuselagesanding through filler on starboard aileron
bonding upper port footwell conduitheadrest hole brown foam routed outSandvik abrader
bonding wing root fairingsheadrest hole for wiresSatisfactory Nicopress sleeve
Boring crank arm holeHeadrest wiring for fuel gaugeScrew fouling rudder cable
Both wings in garageheadset hooksScrew spacers for stiffnuts
Bottom fuselage half upside-downheadset socket box wiredscrewcutting AN840-6D boss
Bowden cable protectionheadset socket labelsseals around oil hoses
Bowden cable protectionheadset solder joints supportedseat base foam proposals
Bowden cable protection on aft baffleheating resistors on aileron quick-connect bellcranksSeat foam recess for fuel sensor
bracket for fuel line unionHeating resistors on wing pin socketssecond SWR plot on NanoVNA
bracket formers from blue foamHolder for thinning FL11Servo bellcrank relieved
Bracket layups held in placehole for port NACA ductServo cable clips
brake bolt lockwirehole for starboard NACA ductServo link rod fouling
Brake filler hole coverhole for stbd ball fittingServo link rod length
Bridge to hold down tubing clipshole in stick base socket for wiresServo mount bolts safetied
brown foam cover for tie-bar tunnel slotHole too bigSetup for first aileron hinge hole
brushes retracted for protectionholes for audio socketsshaping door handles
BT Research Labs Martlesham HeathHoles in the wing skinshelf cut out
Bulkhead location on fuselage top mouldingHorn-box recess enlargedshoot bolt alignment
bush for Dremel cutoff wheelHose braid flaringshoot bolt guides bonded
C04 fitted to radiatorhose cut for fitting endshoot bolt guides in door frame
C04 water hose and air filter foulinghose end assembledshort turnbuckle
C05 fitted to radiatorhose end damageshortening FL15 cross-tube
C05 fitting to radiatorhose fitted to socketside baffles for oil cooler
C05 TEE to carbhose insertion checksilicon sealer on comm radio antenna connexions
cable clamp on gearboxhose to fuel pump trial fitSleeve through thigh locker
camera hood for NanoVNAhose to fuel pump trial fitSling for fuselage top moulding
carburettor Bowden cable fittingshub and brake lockwireslot for fuel hose on aft baffle
carburettor heat hose routeICAO address on TRX-2000slot in aft baffle for C04 water hose
card template for aft baffleInitial fit of fuselage top mouldingslot in aft baffle for C04 water hose
card template for aft baffle unfoldedinitial SWR checks across bandslot in aft baffle for C04 water hose
Card template for fuel filler coverInstalling carb heat pipingslot in port baffle for CHT wire
Carving flap root extension formerInstrument module brackets.Small cockpit conduit port side
Carving flap root extension formerInstrument module cutout for radio panelSmartASS box fitted
Carving flap root extension formerInstrument module fixing screwssoft sanding block
carving foam for starboard seat recessInstrument module fixing screws obstructedsolder sleeve on fuel pressure gauge cable
Chamfer for tailwheel arm mountinstrument module inner flangeSpacer for oil tank bracket fixing
check tailplane torque tube levelinstrument module ventilation holesspacing fuel hose from engine mount
Check where to cut C05 water hoseinstrument panels black anodizedspanner jammed on firewall fuel elbow
check XTW06 lineup for XTW15 bondingInstrument sub-panelSpar - bellcrank clearance
Checking CS05 centre distanceIpswich airportspar guides
checking hose lengths into cooling ductjig for thinning blue foamspar hole layups removed
Choke lettering trialjoining baffle partsSpiral wrap wire protector
Choke T-handle letteringKeeping rudder pedals at neutralSplash layup temporary bonding
Cinch terminal strip fittedkink in fin splash mouldingSplash moulding for top of containment bulkhead
Cinch terminal strip wiredKit partsSplash moulding on brackets
Cleco sternpost in placeLanding gear mount corrosionSpraying CS05 torque tubes
CLIP000 hose clip too largelaser etched legendsstainless steel firewall fitting problem
clips retaining wires to fuel pump and flow sensorlathe changewheels for threading bushstainless steel firewall patch
clips securing brake linelayup covering tie-bar tunnel slotstainless steel firewall patch fitted
cockpit camera mountlayup filed back to expose Belleville washerstall warner hollow in starboard seat foam
Cockpit module bondinglayup for internal-corner conduit clipsstarboard aft baffle fitting
Cockpit module pre-bond inspection riglayup on aft face of baggage bay bulkheadstarboard baffle fitting
Cockpit module spar bush bondinglayup on aft face of baggage bay bulkhead with peel-plystarboard baffle forward bend
Cockpit module trimmed and frettedleftover wire labelsstarboard CHT wire in baffle slot
Cockpit module tunnel edges trimmedlevel fuselageStarboard conduits filled
cockpit port side conduitLevelling fuselageStarboard footwell conduit
cockpit side conduit bendingLG02 propped up to check cable clearancestarboard rudder crank and spring fitted
comm antenna bottom half fittedLG02A profilingStarboard strobe cable secured
comm antenna top half fittedline out jack socket on headset boxStarboard strobe cable to PSU
compass arm aft bushesLocations for traffic monitor dipolesStarboard wing conduit tryout
compass arm forward busheslower firewall panel fittedStarboard wing on car roof bars
compass mount arm filledLumps on wing top skinstarter cable bush
conduit for VHF comms antenna cableM6 ring terminals enlarged to M8starter cable bush manufacture
conduit hole in rear bulkheadmachining vacuum adaptorstarter cable bush threading
conduit on baggage-bay roofmagneto lead feedthroughStarter wiring in baffle location
Conduit sleeves and tube clipsMagneto switch terminationsstbd ball fitting
confirming correct connectors for fuel fillerMain and sub-panel powered upstbd ball fitting too high
Containment bulkhead clearancemain instrument panel fittedstbd door propped open
Containment bulkhead sides bowedmain panel pitot-static connexionsstbd gas strut fitted
cooling duct final fittingMaking clips for stall-warner tubesteel parts of rudder shaft seal
cooling duct fittedmaking compass mounting armstick-top switch mount
cooling duct marked for 2nd trimMaking composite conduit clipsstorage of painted tailplanes
cooling duct with first fit of sealsMaking filter adaptor for MAP sensorStraightedge on fin
cooling fanMaking filter adaptor for MAP sensorstrobe power supply mounted
Cooling fan fittedMaking filter adaptor for MAP sensorStrobe PSU wiring
copper tape cut for comm radio antennaMaking fuel tank adaptorsstuds bonded to underside of tunnel
cowl and propeller test assemblymaking internal-corner conduit clipssub-panel instruments wired
cowl assembled with clecosMaking new top-hat layups between door framessub-panel legend overlay
Cowl first assemblymaking oil cooler bottom bafflesupport for trim tabs
cowl first trial fit on fuselagemaking protective cover for fuel level senderT-handle for choke
cowl fit after trimmingmaking replica of LG frame for fitting firewallTA50 antenna cable hole
cowl fittedmaking stick-top switch mount (1)Tailplane alignment
cowl fitted with clecosmaking stick-top switch mount (2)tailplane holders in trailer
cowl fitted with temporary screwsmaking stick-top switch mount (3)Tailplane outboard rib
cowl overlap on fuselagemaking stick-top switch mount (4)Tailplane pip pin recesses
cowl positioning jigMaking support sleeves for wing conduitTailplane tips
Cowl to duct sealmaking tailwheel towing devicetailwheel arm mount pad ground down
cowl trimming guide linemaking template for fuel filler coverTailwheel arm mount plywood stack
cowl with propshaft holemaking threading tool holdertailwheel cables with turnbuckles
Crank arm clamped to CS03 for drillingmaking throttle box custom washerTailwheel mount painted
crowbar etc mountedmaking up a hose endTank spacer layup
crowfoot spannersMaking wooden handle for brake leverTank support layups
CS04 clamped in positionmanifold pressure restrictortank vent assembly curing
CS04 shaped to fitMark lower rear access hole positiontank vent pipe to filler
CS10 pivot markingsMark Mod 77 bracket positionTE support for sanding
CS14 alignmentMarking holes for LG01 top tube drillingTEE in C05 water hose
Cupboards for glass and resinMarking out for fuel gauge senderTemporarily tensioning rudder cables - first method
Curing BID strips at rear of cockpit modulemarking out for tailwheel tracks in trailerTemporarily tensioning rudder cables - second method
curing Flettner strip fillerMarking plastic box for fuel filler coverTemporary shelf for wiring panels
Curing tent over inverted fuselagemarking slot for flap actuator cross-tubetest alignment of rudder shaft seal
custom hex drill bitMass-balance weights paintedtest fit of AN nut on FRFF
Cutout for tailwheel arm mountmaster switch terminalstest fit of fuel line elbow on firewall
Cutting away TE between aileron and flapmesh for cooling fanTest fit of NPT thread in end of FRFF
Cutting back FL18SMGL E-3 and BAT-1 powered uptest picture for cockpit camera location
cutting C05 water hoseMGL sub-panel instrumentstesting stainless steel firewall fit
Cutting out fuselage rear bulkheadMGL TP-3 fittedThin patches on rudder root
Cutting plastic box for fuel filler covermilling CO detector mountThin spots on rudder hinge vee
cutting semi-circular hole in baffleMilling the slot in the rudder cable guidesthird SWR plot on NanoVNA
Cutting trim slotsMinitool jigsaw blade clamp modificationthrottle box with custom washers
dipped firesleeve ends dryingModel aeroplanesthrottle lever handle
dipping firesleeve endsmodified compass brackettie-bar plywood brace bonding
Dispenser bottle nozzlesmodified compass bracketTN21 GPS source mounted
dolly hold-down nutplate locationsmodified connector for temperature sensorTN72 GPS source wired
door handle partsModified ironTools
door handle trial assemblyModify rear bulkhead for Mod 77Top of containment bulkhead trimmed
door hinge gapmodifying compass brackettoroid on USB supply wires
door hinge recesses maksedModifying fuel tap coverToroid on USB wiring
door hinge screws ground back flushmount for Airbox Aware 5Torque tube support
door hinges maskedmounting oil cooler in ductTP10 drill setup
door latch fittingmoving fuselage to rigging dollyTP10 drill setup
door pushrod angle slotNACA duct flanges drilledTP12 - TP10 trial fit
door pushrod tangsNACA duct recess scratchingTP14 split pins
door rebate impressionsNACA duct recesses filledTraffic monitor dipoles fitted
doors fittedNanoVNA splash screentrail assembly of cooling duct
doors hingedNanoVNA SWR display of trimmed comm radio antennatrail fit of water radiator
Double marking of holes in cockpit moduleNeville Eyre's cowltrailer floor rot
Double tube clip materialNew aft baffle fuel hose slot markedtrailer pulley adrift
Dowel roller for inside wing repairnew fuel filler connectors installedtrailer pulley repair
Drill CS17New peel-ply roll mountTrailer ramp gas springs
Drill TP10new resin balance placardtrailer spar clamp change
Drilling pushrod ends using vee-blocksnew shoot bolt holetrailer stuff moved out to get at wings
Drilling the torque tube hole in the seat faceNTE-4 transformer in boxtrailer winch rope fairlead fitting
duct side puzzleNTE4 audio transformer boxtrailer winch rope fairlead on frame
duct sides versus templatenutplates for dolly screwstrailer winch rope fairlead on spar support
duct-tape masking for aileron bellcrank pad bondingOAT sensor wire holetrailer winch wire rope clamp
Dummy pitot-static mastOAT sensor wiredtrailer winch wire rope route
Dummy TS05odyssey batterytrailer wing dolly restraints
Dynon D2 & Airbox Aware 5 mountedoffering engine to fuselagetrailer wiring clear of winch rope
Dynon GPS cable routingoil cooler bottom baffle fittedtranslucent fuse cover assembled
electrical items on firewalloil cooler hoses fittedtransponder installation
electrical wiring on firewall itemsOil cooler seal OKtransponder loom in conduit
Engine alignment checkOil cooler seal too tighttransponder loom lacing
engine mount bolt split pinsOil cooler to radiator baffle fittedtrial fit of all stainless steel firewall panels
Engine mount re-fittedoil hose at pump inlettrial fit of assembled upper stainless steel firewall panels
engine on craneoil hose return routingtrial fit of compass arm
engine removedoil hose routingtrial fit of cooling duct
engine sump banjo rotated and lockedoil hose routing at tanktrial fit of engine to fuselage
engine without shroudoil hoses passing rear starboard baffleTrial fit of instrument panel to firewall
Enlarged gate for traileroil pipe routing testTrial fit of main & radio panels to instrument modle
Enlarging aft baffle cable slotsoil pressure and temperature wiringtrial fit of oil cooler
Enlarging aileron hinge screw holesoil return hose routetrial fit of port baffle
EURO29 bolt differencesoil sensor wires sleevedtrial fit of rudder shaft seals
EURO29 bolts lock-wiredoil tank bracket screwtrial fit of silencer
exhaust hole in cowloil tank fittedtrial fit of stainless steel firewall patch
exhaust pipe nutsold connectors on fuel fillertrial fit of stainless steel lower firewall panel
Expansion hose bottomold connectors removed from fuel fillertrial fit of starboard baffle
Expansion hose topOne-cup resin balancetrial fit of trimmed firewall panels
eyeball mount position checkOutriggertrial fit of upper stainless steel firewall panel flange
eyeball vents bondedover-centre test bossestrial fit of upper stainless steel firewall panels
eyeball vents fixed to wooden mountsoverflow bottle mountedTrial hole for transponder head
eyeball vents in wooden mountsoverflow bottle straptrial of cowl to duct fabric
F18 filler neck BID strapsoverhead panel bracket layuptrial of hose on overflow bottle
F18 filler neck fittedoverhead panel bracketstrial of overflow hose route
F18 foam spaceroverhead panel fittedtrial of seal on duct side
F18 foam spacer fittedoverhead panel layuptrial setting of wing incidence
F33 door latch cover trimmingoverhead panel wired and fittedtrial setting of wing incidence 2
Failed bond on flap root extensionP1 stick wiringtrim & stall-warner fuse wiring
failed funnel flatteningpainting flap hangersTrim and anti-servo tab
failed rivet replacedpanel holes for warning lightstrim system working on radio panel
faulty oil pressure indicationpanel wiring support shelftrim tabs rubbed down
ferrite on propeller wiresparting off stepped washertrimming stainless steel sheet with power nibbler
ferrite toroid on RG58 antenna cableparts sprayed whiteTRX-2000 wiring
ferrite toroids bonded to RG58 antenna cableParts spread out on lawnTRX2000 working
fettle NACA ductPatch for aft baffle fuel hose slotTubing clip bond failure
Filing CS09Apitot & static tubing through cockpit sidetunnel slot for tie-bar
Filing down CS07/CS08Pitot-static mast connexionTurnbuckles fitted forward and rubbing on floor
filing engine mount weld filletpitot-static systemturning down AN840-6D boss
filling tailplanePitot-static tubing and wires in IMturning down hex aluminium bar for FRFF
filling trim link slotPitot-static tubing connectorstyre clearance
Filter for MAP sensor fittedPlastic bottlesunderside of starboard aileron with paint and filler sanded off
Filters for MAP sensor comparedPlastic box for fuel filler cover rough cutUnidentified objects in fuel tank
fin splash moulding taped in placePlastic box for fuel filler cover trimmed to final shapeUnsatisfactory Nicopress sleeve
fin tip flanges trimmedplastic conduit through baggage bayupper bump stop
Fin wedged openplastic tub for flap cross-tube guideUSB outlet on main panel
final fit of cooling ductplenum chamberUSB power outlet on instrument module
Finger strainers and tank adaptorsplotting trim link rod pathvacuum port adaptors
Finishing rudder port sidepoor sewing on battery strapvacuum pump pad cover
Finishing rudder tipport aileron balance after sanding undersidevacuum system
fire extinguisher mountedPort aileron bellcrank mountvent hardware trial fitting
fire extinguisher re-fitPort and starboard strobe cables to PSUventilation connexion port
firesleeve dip penetration testport CHT wire in baffle slotventilation connexion starboard
firesleeve dip penetration testport door latch cover upper screwsventilation interior port
firesleeve ends dippedPort flap aligned with aileronventilation layup port
firesleeve on firewall feed-throughport flap BID patchventilation layup starboard
Firesleeve on fuel pump hosePort flap clamped to templatevise for ATR833 connector wiring
firewall clearance with port rudderport flap filledVoid between rib and bottom skin
firewall clearance with starboard rudderport footwell conduit bondedW35 gussets on tie-bar
firewall fuel elbowPort footwell conduit trialwater hose routing
firewall panels trimmed to clear rudder systemport rudder crank and spring fittedwater pipe routing test
firewall pass-through from M8 boltport seat wiring protectionwater temperature sensor wiring
firewall pass-through made from jam funnelport strobe cable fuselage exitwater trap adaptors
firewall templatesPort tip flange misalignmentWeekend Workshop
firewall wire bundle testPort wing aileron bellcrankWeights for wing skin bonding
first plan of items on firewallPort wing aileron closeout cutawayWet sanding with guide coat
first successful wing rigPort wing on flap templateWheel re-fitted with lockwire
first SWR plot on NanoVNAPort wing skin pre-bondingWing conduit installation
first trim of cooling ductPort wing skin slotted to clear tip flange misalignmentWing fairing protector
Fit trim servoPort wing tilted onto LEWing leveller servo mounted
fitting baffle edge sealsPosition sternpost holewing leveller servo wire route
fitting door latch covers with screwsPositioning CS09Wing on table for pin fitting
Fitting fuel valve mounting platePotential control restrictionWing pin fitting
Fitting fuselage rear bulkheadpotentiometer lockWing rear closeout spacer
Fitting Mod 70 rubbing stripspotentiometer shaft slotWing repair completed
Fitting rubber to new aft baffle fuel hose slotpower distribution terminalsWing skin bonded
fitting starboard NACA ductPower outlet wire commonWing skin cut away for repair
Fitting switches to sub-panelpre-wire master switchWing slings
fitting tailwheel tracks in trailerPreparing for spar bush bondingwing socket hardpoint layups 1
Fitting trailer floorpreparing to fill tailplaneWing TE aileron closeout trimming
Fitting trim & stall-warner fuseholderspreparing to sand starboard aileronWing tip support
fitting vent hardware to F18profiling tailplaneWings first pinned together
FL15 paint removedprofiling tailplanewingtip to wingtip string test
FL15 rubbing strip positionprofiling tailplanewingtip to wingtip string test 2
FL15 rubbing stripsprofiling tailplanewirebook
FL15 rubbing strips bondedprofiling tailplanewires 101 and 104 made in welding cable
FL18 hinge bracket alignment - first tryprofiling tailplanewires tidied by fuseblocks
FL18 hinge brackets on straight-edgeprofiling tailplanewiring from busbar to fuseblocks
FL18s re-positionedprofiling tailplanewiring radio panel
FL22 starboard alignmentprop drive dowels safety-wiredwiring support shelf in place
Flapprop stored in garageWitness marks on CS22 & CS23
Flap attachment bolt almost threadboundpropeller brush bracket checkWooden block for rudder hinge vee
flap cross-tube guide fittedPropeller deliveryXTW06 alignment
flap hinge arrangementspulley mount trialXTW06 alignment template
Flap hinge clamppulling comm antenna coax throughXTW15 magnetic retainer
Flap hinge plate alignment toolsRadiator fitted
Flap hinge plates FL1 FL2 FL3radiator to oil cooler gaps not sealed

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