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Navigation & Acknowledgements
Navigation & Acknowledgements
29mm spacers for aligning rudder pedalsFitting fuselage rear bulkheadpropeller brush bracket check
35mm film can spray gunFitting Mod 70 rubbing stripsPropeller delivery
3D Mouldings label in bonding areaFitting trailer floorRadio and intercom
90mm spacer block for rudder pedal shaft alignmentfitting vent hardware to F18radio panel instruments trial fit
A bad layupFL15 paint removedradio panel populated
Abrading for BID under FL18sFL15 rubbing strip positionradio panel trial fit
Access hole in cockpit module tunnelFL15 rubbing stripsradio panel water-jet cut
Access hole positions transferred insideFL15 rubbing strips bondedRe-bonding port wing TE
access panel and support rib layupsFL18 hinge bracket alignment - first tryre-doing spar hole layups
Adjusting height of wing slingFL18 hinge brackets on straight-edgeRear upper fuselage holes marked
Aft port wing pin socket pad shimmedFL18s re-positionedrebate around tunnel slot for tie-bar
Aft wing pin socket padsFL22 starboard alignmentredundant cylinder shroud
Aft wing socket new hole - portFlapRedux pre-bond thickness on port wing ribs
Aileron drive bolt alignmentFlap attachment bolt almost threadboundRedux spread ready for wing skin bond
Aligning flap hinge plates FL1 FL2 FL3flap hinge arrangementsRedux surplus after pre-bonding
alternator cable securedFlap hinge clampRedux test piece
altimeter knob shaft extenderFlap hinge plate alignment toolsRedux test piece broken
AN970-3 washers modifiedFlap hinge plates FL1 FL2 FL3Redux thickness on starboard rib flanges
Arbour press ram modificationflap pushrod clearance improvedregulator mounted on firewall
attaching Belleville washer to spar cupflap pushrod clearance problemRelease film for wing skin pre-bonding
axle bolt lockwireflap pushrod hole in tunnel bulkheadRemoving a bad top-hat layup
Bad and good airline connectorsFlap root extension inner layupsRemoving another bad top-hat layup
baggage bay - first edge layupsFlap root extension outer layupsRemoving flap root extension former
battery boxfloxing vent pipe holesResin pump calibration checks
battery box mouldFoam supports carved to fit under footwell floorsretract bungee re-fitted
battery isolator etc mountedForward socket heater clampretract bungee secured
battery strap sewingForward wing socket bolts - portRetract down-latch
Beam balance fine adjusterForward wing socket bolts - starboardretract lever fitted
blue foam for seat bases and battery box mouldfuel filler trial fittingretract lever guide plate
blue foam side stiffenerFuel gauge sender headRetract lever holes
Bonding clip for sight gauge tubingfuel hose routing in tunnelRetract lever position
Bonding CS02 and CS03fuel hose with clip in tunnelRetract lever slot cut
Bonding CS05 to CS03Fuel level sensor amplifierRetract lever slot marking-out
bonding fin tipFuel level sensor tee-pieceRig tailplanes
Bonding in FL18sfuel line from flow sender to unionRight-angle adaptor for wing-leveller servo
Bonding in port wing horn boxesfuel line union at wheel wellright-angle connector cover for wing leveller servo
Bonding on fuselage top mouldingfuel pipe from gascolator to pumpRouting out brown foam
Bonding pitot/static tubing clipsfuel pipe from pump to flow senderRowland with hammer
bonding shoot bolt guide in doorfuel pipe to gascolatorrubbing blocks on tower
bonding side stiffenersFuel pipes from tank to selector valveRudder bellcrank split-pins
bonding studs to underside of tunnelFuel pump clearanceRudder cable turnbuckles installed aft
bonding wing root fairingsfuel systemrudder deflection 2nd check
Boring crank arm holeFuel tank adaptorsrudder deflection first check
Both wings in garagefuel tank C adaptor fittedRudder flange damage
Bottom fuselage half upside-downFuel valve trial assemblyrudder hung on clecos
bracket for fuel line unionfuel ventRudder jig for sanding
bracket formers from blue foamfuselage centreline marksRudder layup
Bracket layups held in placefuselage damage at flap cross-tubeRudder port side filled
brake bolt lockwireFuselage dollyrudder pulley access covers
Brake filler hole coverfuselage hard-points for wing pin socketsRudder starboard side polished
Bridge to hold down tubing clipsfuselage levelling jigSagging filler
brown foam cover for tie-bar tunnel slotFuselage on starboard sideSander for curved parts
BT Research Labs Martlesham HeathFuselage parked tail end inSanding filler on rudder
Bulkhead location on fuselage top mouldingFuselage spar hole layupSandvik abrader
card template for aft baffleFuselage spar hole repairSatisfactory Nicopress sleeve
card template for aft baffle unfoldedfuselage top propped upScrew fouling rudder cable
Carving flap root extension formerfuselage top upside down in garageScrew spacers for stiffnuts
Carving flap root extension formerFuselage trim linescrewcutting AN840-6D boss
Carving flap root extension formerFuselage upside-downseat base foam proposals
carving foam for starboard seat recessgap for upper bump stopServo bellcrank relieved
Chamfer for tailwheel arm mountgaps in duct around coolersServo cable clips
check tailplane torque tube levelGarden shedServo link rod fouling
check XTW06 lineup for XTW15 bondinggascolator hatch splash mouldingServo link rod length
Checking CS05 centre distanceGel coat drips & runsServo mount bolts safetied
Cleco sternpost in placeGel-coat trial finishSetup for first aileron hinge hole
clips retaining wires to fuel pump and flow sensorGel-coating ruddershaping door handles
clips securing brake lineGPO Research Station Dollis Hillshelf cut out
Cockpit module bondingHandle for lifting forward end of fuselageshoot bolt alignment
Cockpit module pre-bond inspection righeadrest hole for wiresshoot bolt guides bonded
Cockpit module spar bush bondingheating resistors on aileron quick-connect bellcranksshoot bolt guides in door frame
Cockpit module trimmed and frettedHeating resistors on wing pin socketsshort turnbuckle
Cockpit module tunnel edges trimmedHolder for thinning FL11shortening FL15 cross-tube
conduit for VHF comms antenna cablehole in stick base socket for wiresSling for fuselage top moulding
conduit hole in rear bulkheadHoles in the wing skinSpar - bellcrank clearance
conduit on baggage-bay roofHorn-box recess enlargedspar guides
Conduit sleeves and tube clipshub and brake lockwirespar hole layups removed
Containment bulkhead clearanceInitial fit of fuselage top mouldingSplash layup temporary bonding
Containment bulkhead sides bowedInstalling carb heat pipingSplash moulding for top of containment bulkhead
cooling duct final fittingInstrument module brackets.Splash moulding on brackets
cooling duct marked for 2nd trimInstrument module cutout for radio panelSpraying CS05 torque tubes
cooling duct with first fit of sealsinstrument module inner flangestarboard aft baffle fitting
cooling faninstrument module ventilation holesstarboard baffle fitting
cowl and propeller test assemblyinstrument panels black anodizedstarboard baffle forward bend
cowl assembled with clecosInstrument sub-panelStarboard wing conduit tryout
Cowl first assemblyIpswich airportStarboard wing on car roof bars
cowl first trial fit on fuselagejig for thinning blue foamStarter wiring in baffle location
cowl fit after trimmingKeeping rudder pedals at neutralstick-top switch mount
cowl fittedkink in fin splash mouldingStraightedge on fin
cowl fitted with clecosKit partsstrobe power supply mounted
cowl fitted with temporary screwsLanding gear mount corrosionstuds bonded to underside of tunnel
cowl overlap on fuselagelaser etched legendsTailplane alignment
cowl trimming guide linelayup covering tie-bar tunnel slotTailplane outboard rib
cowl with propshaft holelayup filed back to expose Belleville washerTailplane pip pin recesses
Crank arm clamped to CS03 for drillinglayup for internal-corner conduit clipsTailplane tips
crowbar etc mountedlayup on aft face of baggage bay bulkheadtailwheel arm mount pad ground down
CS04 clamped in positionlayup on aft face of baggage bay bulkhead with peel-plyTailwheel arm mount plywood stack
CS04 shaped to fitlevel fuselagetailwheel cables with turnbuckles
CS10 pivot markingsLevelling fuselageTailwheel mount painted
CS14 alignmentLG02 propped up to check cable clearanceTank spacer layup
Cupboards for glass and resinLG02A profilingTank support layups
Curing BID strips at rear of cockpit moduleLumps on wing top skintank vent assembly curing
Curing tent over inverted fuselagemachining vacuum adaptortank vent pipe to filler
Cutout for tailwheel arm mountmagneto lead feedthroughTE support for sanding
Cutting away TE between aileron and flapMaking clips for stall-warner tubeTemporarily tensioning rudder cables - first method
Cutting back FL18SMaking fuel tank adaptorsTemporarily tensioning rudder cables - second method
Cutting out fuselage rear bulkheadmaking internal-corner conduit clipsThin patches on rudder root
cutting semi-circular hole in baffleMaking new top-hat layups between door framesThin spots on rudder hinge vee
Cutting trim slotsmaking replica of LG frame for fitting firewallthrottle lever handle
Dispenser bottle nozzlesmaking stick-top switch mount (1)tie-bar plywood brace bonding
dolly hold-down nutplate locationsmaking stick-top switch mount (2)Tools
door handle partsmaking stick-top switch mount (3)Top of containment bulkhead trimmed
door handle trial assemblymaking stick-top switch mount (4)Torque tube support
door hinge gapMaking support sleeves for wing conduitTP10 drill setup
door hinge recesses maksedmaking tailwheel towing deviceTP10 drill setup
door hinges maskedMaking wooden handle for brake leverTP12 - TP10 trial fit
door latch fittingmanifold pressure restrictorTP14 split pins
door pushrod angle slotMark lower rear access hole positiontrail assembly of cooling duct
door pushrod tangsMark Mod 77 bracket positiontrail fit of water radiator
door rebate impressionsMarking holes for LG01 top tube drillingTrailer ramp gas springs
doors hingedMarking out for fuel gauge sendertrailer stuff moved out to get at wings
Double marking of holes in cockpit modulemarking slot for flap actuator cross-tubetransponder installation
Double tube clip materialMass-balance weights paintedtransponder loom lacing
Dowel roller for inside wing repairMilling the slot in the rudder cable guidestrial fit of cooling duct
Drill CS17Minitool jigsaw blade clamp modificationtrial fit of engine to fuselage
Drill TP10Model aeroplanestrial fit of oil cooler
Drilling pushrod ends using vee-blocksModified irontrial fit of silencer
Drilling the torque tube hole in the seat faceModify rear bulkhead for Mod 77Trial hole for transponder head
duct side puzzlemount for Airbox Aware 5trial of seal on duct side
duct sides versus templatemoving fuselage to rigging dollytrial setting of wing incidence
duct-tape masking for aileron bellcrank pad bondingNeville Eyre's cowltrial setting of wing incidence 2
Dummy pitot-static mastNew peel-ply roll mountTrim and anti-servo tab
Dummy TS05new shoot bolt holeTubing clip bond failure
Dynon D2 & Airbox Aware 5 mountednutplates for dolly screwstunnel slot for tie-bar
electrical items on firewallodyssey batteryTurnbuckles fitted forward and rubbing on floor
electrical wiring on firewall itemsoffering engine to fuselageturning down AN840-6D boss
Engine alignment checkOne-cup resin balancetyre clearance
engine on craneOutriggerUnidentified objects in fuel tank
engine without shroudover-centre test bossesUnsatisfactory Nicopress sleeve
Enlarged gate for traileroverflow bottle mountedupper bump stop
Enlarging aileron hinge screw holesoverflow bottle strapUSB outlet on main panel
EURO29 bolt differencesoverhead panel bracket layupvacuum port adaptors
EURO29 bolts lock-wiredoverhead panel bracketsvacuum pump pad cover
exhaust hole in cowloverhead panel fittedvacuum system
F18 filler neck BID strapsoverhead panel layupvent hardware trial fitting
F18 filler neck fittedpanel holes for warning lightsVoid between rib and bottom skin
F18 foam spacerparting off stepped washerW35 gussets on tie-bar
F18 foam spacer fittedparts sprayed whitewater trap adaptors
F33 door latch cover trimmingParts spread out on lawnWeekend Workshop
Failed bond on flap root extensionPitot-static mast connexionWeights for wing skin bonding
failed funnel flatteningpitot-static systemWet sanding with guide coat
Filing CS09APitot-static tubing connectorsWing conduit installation
Filing down CS07/CS08Plastic bottlesWing fairing protector
filing engine mount weld filletplastic conduit through baggage bayWing leveller servo mounted
filling trim link slotplenum chamberWing on table for pin fitting
fin splash moulding taped in placeplotting trim link rod pathWing pin fitting
fin tip flanges trimmedpoor sewing on battery strapWing rear closeout spacer
Fin wedged openPort aileron bellcrank mountWing repair completed
Finger strainers and tank adaptorsPort flap aligned with aileronWing skin bonded
Finishing rudder port sidePort flap clamped to templateWing skin cut away for repair
Finishing rudder tipPort tip flange misalignmentWing slings
fire extinguisher mountedPort wing aileron bellcrankwing socket hardpoint layups 1
fire extinguisher re-fitPort wing aileron closeout cutawayWing TE aileron closeout trimming
firesleeve on firewall feed-throughPort wing on flap templateWing tip support
firewall pass-through from M8 boltPort wing skin pre-bondingWings first pinned together
firewall pass-through made from jam funnelPort wing skin slotted to clear tip flange misalignmentwingtip to wingtip string test
firewall templatesPort wing tilted onto LEwingtip to wingtip string test 2
firewall wire bundle testPosition sternpost holewirebook
first plan of items on firewallPositioning CS09Witness marks on CS22 & CS23
first successful wing rigPotential control restrictionWooden block for rudder hinge vee
first trim of cooling ductpower distribution terminalsXTW06 alignment
Fit trim servoPreparing for spar bush bondingXTW06 alignment template
Fitting fuel valve mounting plateprop drive dowels safety-wiredXTW15 magnetic retainer

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