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29mm spacers for aligning rudder pedalsFL18s re-positionedRadio and intercom
35mm film can spray gunFL22 starboard alignmentradio panel instruments trial fit
3D Mouldings label in bonding areaFlapradio panel populated
90mm spacer block for rudder pedal shaft alignmentFlap attachment bolt almost threadboundradio panel trial fit
A bad layupflap cross-tube guide fittedradio panel water-jet cut
Abrading for BID under FL18sflap hinge arrangementsRe-bonding port wing TE
Access hole in cockpit module tunnelFlap hinge clampre-doing spar hole layups
Access hole positions transferred insideFlap hinge plate alignment toolsreaching into footwell
access panel and support rib layupsFlap hinge plates FL1 FL2 FL3Rear upper fuselage holes marked
Adjusting height of wing slingflap pushrod clearance improvedrebate around tunnel slot for tie-bar
aft baffleflap pushrod clearance problemredundant cylinder shroud
Aft port wing pin socket pad shimmedflap pushrod hole in tunnel bulkheadRedux pre-bond thickness on port wing ribs
Aft wing pin socket padsFlap root extension inner layupsRedux spread ready for wing skin bond
Aft wing socket new hole - portFlap root extension outer layupsRedux surplus after pre-bonding
aileron balance after paintingflap slot damage insideRedux test piece
aileron balance after painting with dimension linesflaps stored in cockpitRedux test piece broken
aileron balance after sanding undersidesFlettner strips bonded to tabsRedux thickness on starboard rib flanges
aileron balance check after paint removalfloxing vent pipe holesregulator mounted on firewall
aileron balance check after paint removalFlying but not in a EuropaRelease film for wing skin pre-bonding
aileron balancing after 2nd paintingFoam supports carved to fit under footwell floorsRemoving a bad top-hat layup
Aileron drive bolt alignmentForward socket heater clampRemoving another bad top-hat layup
aileron fillingForward wing socket bolts - portremoving engine
Aligning flap hinge plates FL1 FL2 FL3Forward wing socket bolts - starboardremoving engine mount fixings
alignment fixture for flap cross-tube guidefuel filler trial fittingRemoving flap root extension former
alternator cable securedFuel gauge sender headremoving old connectors from fuel filler
altimeter knob shaft extenderfuel hose protection on aft baffleremoving old connectors from fuel filler
AN970-3 washers modifiedfuel hose protection on aft baffle - wrong sizeResin pump calibration checks
anchor nuts for baffle fixingfuel hose routing in tunnelretract bungee re-fitted
Arbour press ram modificationfuel hose with clip in tunnelretract bungee secured
attaching Belleville washer to spar cupFuel level sensor amplifierRetract down-latch
axle bolt lockwirefuel level sensor cover fittedretract lever fitted
Bad and good airline connectorsFuel level sensor tee-pieceretract lever guide plate
baffle clearance at oil tankfuel line from flow sender to unionRetract lever holes
baffle clearance from oil hosesfuel line union at wheel wellRetract lever position
baffle clearance from oil tank elbowfuel pipe from gascolator to pumpRetract lever slot cut
baffle clearance from water hosefuel pipe from pump to flow senderRetract lever slot marking-out
baffle edge sealsfuel pipe to gascolatorRig tailplanes
baggage bay - first edge layupsFuel pipes from tank to selector valveRight-angle adaptor for wing-leveller servo
battery boxFuel pump clearanceright-angle connector cover for wing leveller servo
battery box mouldfuel return firewall fitting completedRouting out brown foam
battery isolator etc mountedfuel systemRowland with hammer
battery strap sewingFuel tank adaptorsrubbing blocks on tower
Beam balance fine adjusterfuel tank C adaptor fittedRudder bellcrank split-pins
blue foam for seat bases and battery box mouldFuel valve trial assemblyRudder cable turnbuckles installed aft
blue foam side stiffenerfuel ventrudder deflection 2nd check
Bonding clip for sight gauge tubingfuselage centreline marksrudder deflection first check
Bonding CS02 and CS03fuselage damage at flap cross-tubeRudder flange damage
Bonding CS05 to CS03Fuselage dollyrudder hung on clecos
bonding fin tipfuselage hard-points for wing pin socketsRudder jig for sanding
bonding Flettner strips to tabsfuselage in trailerRudder layup
Bonding in FL18sfuselage levelling jigRudder port side filled
bonding in flap cross-tube guideFuselage on starboard siderudder pulley access covers
Bonding in port wing horn boxesFuselage parked tail end inRudder starboard side polished
Bonding on fuselage top mouldingfuselage ready to go into trailerSagging filler
Bonding pitot/static tubing clipsFuselage spar hole layupsanded through paint on starboard aiieron
bonding shoot bolt guide in doorFuselage spar hole repairSander for curved parts
bonding side stiffenersfuselage top propped upSanding filler on rudder
bonding studs to underside of tunnelfuselage top upside down in garagesanding paint off stbd aileron upper surface
bonding wing root fairingsFuselage trim linesanding paint off underside of starboard aileron
Boring crank arm holeFuselage upside-downsanding port aileron underside
Both wings in garageFuselage winched out of trailersanding port aileron upper side
Bottom fuselage half upside-downgap for upper bump stopsanding through filler on starboard aileron
Bowden cable protection on aft bafflegaps in duct around coolersSandvik abrader
bracket for fuel line unionGarden shedSatisfactory Nicopress sleeve
bracket formers from blue foamgascolator hatch splash mouldingScrew fouling rudder cable
Bracket layups held in placeGel coat drips & runsScrew spacers for stiffnuts
brake bolt lockwireGel-coat trial finishscrewcutting AN840-6D boss
Brake filler hole coverGel-coating rudderseat base foam proposals
Bridge to hold down tubing clipsgetting ready to fill tailplaneServo bellcrank relieved
brown foam cover for tie-bar tunnel slotGPO Research Station Dollis HillServo cable clips
BT Research Labs Martlesham HeathHandle for lifting forward end of fuselageServo link rod fouling
Bulkhead location on fuselage top mouldingheadrest hole brown foam routed outServo link rod length
card template for aft baffleheadrest hole for wiresServo mount bolts safetied
card template for aft baffle unfoldedheating resistors on aileron quick-connect bellcranksSetup for first aileron hinge hole
Carving flap root extension formerHeating resistors on wing pin socketsshaping door handles
Carving flap root extension formerHolder for thinning FL11shelf cut out
Carving flap root extension formerhole in stick base socket for wiresshoot bolt alignment
carving foam for starboard seat recessHoles in the wing skinshoot bolt guides bonded
Chamfer for tailwheel arm mountHorn-box recess enlargedshoot bolt guides in door frame
check tailplane torque tube levelhub and brake lockwireshort turnbuckle
check XTW06 lineup for XTW15 bondingInitial fit of fuselage top mouldingshortening FL15 cross-tube
Checking CS05 centre distanceInstalling carb heat pipingSling for fuselage top moulding
Cleco sternpost in placeInstrument module brackets.slot for fuel hose on aft baffle
clips retaining wires to fuel pump and flow sensorInstrument module cutout for radio panelsoft sanding block
clips securing brake lineinstrument module inner flangeSpar - bellcrank clearance
Cockpit module bondinginstrument module ventilation holesspar guides
Cockpit module pre-bond inspection riginstrument panels black anodizedspar hole layups removed
Cockpit module spar bush bondingInstrument sub-panelSplash layup temporary bonding
Cockpit module trimmed and frettedIpswich airportSplash moulding for top of containment bulkhead
Cockpit module tunnel edges trimmedjig for thinning blue foamSplash moulding on brackets
conduit for VHF comms antenna cablejoining baffle partsSpraying CS05 torque tubes
conduit hole in rear bulkheadKeeping rudder pedals at neutralstainless steel firewall fitting problem
conduit on baggage-bay roofkink in fin splash mouldingstarboard aft baffle fitting
Conduit sleeves and tube clipsKit partsstarboard baffle fitting
confirming correct connectors for fuel fillerLanding gear mount corrosionstarboard baffle forward bend
Containment bulkhead clearancelaser etched legendsStarboard wing conduit tryout
Containment bulkhead sides bowedlathe changewheels for threading bushStarboard wing on car roof bars
cooling duct final fittinglayup covering tie-bar tunnel slotstarter cable bush
cooling duct fittedlayup filed back to expose Belleville washerstarter cable bush manufacture
cooling duct marked for 2nd trimlayup for internal-corner conduit clipsstarter cable bush threading
cooling duct with first fit of sealslayup on aft face of baggage bay bulkheadStarter wiring in baffle location
cooling fanlayup on aft face of baggage bay bulkhead with peel-plystick-top switch mount
cowl and propeller test assemblylevel fuselagestorage of painted tailplanes
cowl assembled with clecosLevelling fuselageStraightedge on fin
Cowl first assemblyLG02 propped up to check cable clearancestrobe power supply mounted
cowl first trial fit on fuselageLG02A profilingstuds bonded to underside of tunnel
cowl fit after trimmingLumps on wing top skinsupport for trim tabs
cowl fittedmachining vacuum adaptorTailplane alignment
cowl fitted with clecosmagneto lead feedthroughtailplane holders in trailer
cowl fitted with temporary screwsMaking clips for stall-warner tubeTailplane outboard rib
cowl overlap on fuselageMaking fuel tank adaptorsTailplane pip pin recesses
cowl positioning jigmaking internal-corner conduit clipsTailplane tips
cowl trimming guide lineMaking new top-hat layups between door framestailwheel arm mount pad ground down
cowl with propshaft holemaking protective cover for fuel level senderTailwheel arm mount plywood stack
Crank arm clamped to CS03 for drillingmaking replica of LG frame for fitting firewalltailwheel cables with turnbuckles
crowbar etc mountedmaking stick-top switch mount (1)Tailwheel mount painted
CS04 clamped in positionmaking stick-top switch mount (2)Tank spacer layup
CS04 shaped to fitmaking stick-top switch mount (3)Tank support layups
CS10 pivot markingsmaking stick-top switch mount (4)tank vent assembly curing
CS14 alignmentMaking support sleeves for wing conduittank vent pipe to filler
Cupboards for glass and resinmaking tailwheel towing deviceTE support for sanding
Curing BID strips at rear of cockpit modulemaking threading tool holderTemporarily tensioning rudder cables - first method
curing Flettner strip fillerMaking wooden handle for brake leverTemporarily tensioning rudder cables - second method
Curing tent over inverted fuselagemanifold pressure restrictortest fit of AN nut on FRFF
Cutout for tailwheel arm mountMark lower rear access hole positionTest fit of NPT thread in end of FRFF
Cutting away TE between aileron and flapMark Mod 77 bracket positiontesting stainless steel firewall fit
Cutting back FL18SMarking holes for LG01 top tube drillingThin patches on rudder root
Cutting out fuselage rear bulkheadMarking out for fuel gauge senderThin spots on rudder hinge vee
cutting semi-circular hole in bafflemarking out for tailwheel tracks in trailerthrottle lever handle
Cutting trim slotsmarking slot for flap actuator cross-tubetie-bar plywood brace bonding
Dispenser bottle nozzlesMass-balance weights paintedTools
dolly hold-down nutplate locationsMilling the slot in the rudder cable guidesTop of containment bulkhead trimmed
door handle partsMinitool jigsaw blade clamp modificationTorque tube support
door handle trial assemblyModel aeroplanesTP10 drill setup
door hinge gapModified ironTP10 drill setup
door hinge recesses maksedModify rear bulkhead for Mod 77TP12 - TP10 trial fit
door hinges maskedmount for Airbox Aware 5TP14 split pins
door latch fittingmoving fuselage to rigging dollytrail assembly of cooling duct
door pushrod angle slotNeville Eyre's cowltrail fit of water radiator
door pushrod tangsnew fuel filler connectors installedtrailer floor rot
door rebate impressionsNew peel-ply roll mounttrailer pulley adrift
doors fittednew resin balance placardtrailer pulley repair
doors hingednew shoot bolt holeTrailer ramp gas springs
Double marking of holes in cockpit modulenutplates for dolly screwstrailer spar clamp change
Double tube clip materialodyssey batterytrailer stuff moved out to get at wings
Dowel roller for inside wing repairoffering engine to fuselagetrailer winch rope fairlead fitting
Drill CS17oil hose return routingtrailer winch rope fairlead on frame
Drill TP10oil hose routingtrailer winch rope fairlead on spar support
Drilling pushrod ends using vee-blocksoil hose routing at tanktrailer winch wire rope clamp
Drilling the torque tube hole in the seat faceoil hoses passing rear starboard baffletrailer winch wire rope route
duct side puzzleoil pipe routing testtrailer wing dolly restraints
duct sides versus templateoil tank bracket screwtrailer wiring clear of winch rope
duct-tape masking for aileron bellcrank pad bondingoil tank fittedtransponder installation
Dummy pitot-static mastold connectors on fuel fillertransponder loom lacing
Dummy TS05old connectors removed from fuel fillertrial fit of cooling duct
Dynon D2 & Airbox Aware 5 mountedOne-cup resin balancetrial fit of engine to fuselage
electrical items on firewallOutriggertrial fit of oil cooler
electrical wiring on firewall itemsover-centre test bossestrial fit of port baffle
Engine alignment checkoverflow bottle mountedtrial fit of silencer
engine on craneoverflow bottle straptrial fit of starboard baffle
engine removedoverhead panel bracket layupTrial hole for transponder head
engine sump banjo rotated and lockedoverhead panel bracketstrial of seal on duct side
engine without shroudoverhead panel fittedtrial setting of wing incidence
Enlarged gate for traileroverhead panel layuptrial setting of wing incidence 2
Enlarging aileron hinge screw holespainting flap hangersTrim and anti-servo tab
EURO29 bolt differencespanel holes for warning lightstrim tabs rubbed down
EURO29 bolts lock-wiredparting off stepped washerTubing clip bond failure
exhaust hole in cowlparts sprayed whitetunnel slot for tie-bar
F18 filler neck BID strapsParts spread out on lawnTurnbuckles fitted forward and rubbing on floor
F18 filler neck fittedPitot-static mast connexionturning down AN840-6D boss
F18 foam spacerpitot-static systemturning down hex aluminium bar for FRFF
F18 foam spacer fittedPitot-static tubing connectorstyre clearance
F33 door latch cover trimmingPlastic bottlesunderside of starboard aileron with paint and filler sanded off
Failed bond on flap root extensionplastic conduit through baggage bayUnidentified objects in fuel tank
failed funnel flatteningplastic tub for flap cross-tube guideUnsatisfactory Nicopress sleeve
Filing CS09Aplenum chamberupper bump stop
Filing down CS07/CS08plotting trim link rod pathUSB outlet on main panel
filing engine mount weld filletpoor sewing on battery strapvacuum port adaptors
filling tailplaneport aileron balance after sanding undersidevacuum pump pad cover
filling trim link slotPort aileron bellcrank mountvacuum system
fin splash moulding taped in placePort flap aligned with aileronvent hardware trial fitting
fin tip flanges trimmedport flap BID patchVoid between rib and bottom skin
Fin wedged openPort flap clamped to templateW35 gussets on tie-bar
final fit of cooling ductport flap filledwater hose routing
Finger strainers and tank adaptorsPort tip flange misalignmentwater pipe routing test
Finishing rudder port sidePort wing aileron bellcrankwater trap adaptors
Finishing rudder tipPort wing aileron closeout cutawayWeekend Workshop
fire extinguisher mountedPort wing on flap templateWeights for wing skin bonding
fire extinguisher re-fitPort wing skin pre-bondingWet sanding with guide coat
firesleeve on firewall feed-throughPort wing skin slotted to clear tip flange misalignmentWing conduit installation
firewall pass-through from M8 boltPort wing tilted onto LEWing fairing protector
firewall pass-through made from jam funnelPosition sternpost holeWing leveller servo mounted
firewall templatesPositioning CS09Wing on table for pin fitting
firewall wire bundle testPotential control restrictionWing pin fitting
first plan of items on firewallpower distribution terminalsWing rear closeout spacer
first successful wing rigPreparing for spar bush bondingWing repair completed
first trim of cooling ductpreparing to fill tailplaneWing skin bonded
Fit trim servopreparing to sand starboard aileronWing skin cut away for repair
fitting baffle edge sealsprofiling tailplaneWing slings
Fitting fuel valve mounting plateprofiling tailplanewing socket hardpoint layups 1
Fitting fuselage rear bulkheadprofiling tailplaneWing TE aileron closeout trimming
Fitting Mod 70 rubbing stripsprofiling tailplaneWing tip support
fitting tailwheel tracks in trailerprofiling tailplaneWings first pinned together
Fitting trailer floorprofiling tailplanewingtip to wingtip string test
fitting vent hardware to F18profiling tailplanewingtip to wingtip string test 2
FL15 paint removedprofiling tailplanewirebook
FL15 rubbing strip positionprop drive dowels safety-wiredWitness marks on CS22 & CS23
FL15 rubbing stripsprop stored in garageWooden block for rudder hinge vee
FL15 rubbing strips bondedpropeller brush bracket checkXTW06 alignment
FL18 hinge bracket alignment - first tryPropeller deliveryXTW06 alignment template
FL18 hinge brackets on straight-edgepulley mount trialXTW15 magnetic retainer

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