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Dates of completed inspections are highlighted with blue.
Dates of completed modifications are highlighted with green.
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1993-10-15First become aware of the Europa by reading a flight test in Pilot magazine.Aeroplane home-building: background
1995-08-30Visit Europa factory.
Have demonstration flight in G-KITS (tri-gear) with Ivan Shaw.
Aeroplane home-building - the move
1996-03-25With Wilma’s agreement, take early retirement from BT Labs to make time for aeroplane building.Aeroplane home-building - the move
1997-06-11Move to a house in Cheltenham with a bigger garageAeroplane home-building - the move
1997-07-17House suffers subsidence movement.
The investigation and remedial work disrupt our lives and plans intermittently for several years
Aeroplane home-building - the move
1999-06-16Order a Europa kit and register it with PFA (now LAA) as Project 247-13482 and with CAA as G-ROWIAeroplane home-building - making a start
1999-10-15Attend weekend workshop including demonstration flight in monowheel G-GBXS with Andy Draper.
Collect tail kit.
Aeroplane home-building - making a start
1999-11-25Collect part-built covered trailer from Roger HuttlestoneJournal November 1999
2000-09-04Wilma suffers a heart attack.
This affects many things in our lives besides the aeroplane project
Journal September 2000
2001-03-10Workshop approved by inspector Martin Carolan (inspection #1)Journal March 2001
2001-05-26Start first layup on the rudderJournal May 2001
2001-06-22Basic rudder structure completedJournal June 2001
2001-09-25Tow completed trailer to Yorkshire.
Collect fuselage and wing kits from the factory and have a demo flight in tri-gear G-KITZ with Mark Waite
Journal September 2001
2002-01-31LAA Mod 10672 (improved retention of TP5/TP6) completedJournal January 2002
2002-02-22Chock & TP outboard rib inspections (#2 & #4) completedJournal February 2002
2002-05-29Factory Mod 58 (TP16 tailplane tab drive pins) incorporatedJournal May 2002
2002-07-02Factory Mod 62 (Tailplane torque tube 3/8 inch drive pins) incorporatedJournal July 2002
2002-08-21Tailplanes builtJournal August 2002
2002-08-26Rudder hinges fittedJournal August 2002
2002-10-26Port flap builtJournal October 2002
2002-11-25Starboard flap builtJournal November 2002
2003-06-24Starboard aileron builtJournal June 2003
2003-09-11LAA Mod 10661 (Outrigger pivot) incorporatedJournal September 2003
2003-10-20Port aileron builtJournal October 2003
2003-11-25Rudder control horn fittedJournal November 2003
2003-12-02Foam-built parts inspections (inspections #3, #5, #6, #10, #11 & #12) completed and parts post-curedJournal December 2003
2007-08-27Rudder filled and paintedJournal August 2007
2007-09-07Starboard wing pre-close inspections (#13, #14, #15 & #16) completedJournal September 2007
2007-12-20Starboard wing builtJournal December 2007
2008-03-25Port wing pre-close inspections (#13, #14, #15 & #16) completedJournal March 2008
2008-05-01Port wing builtJournal May 2008
2008-10-09Factory Mod 72 (U/C frame strengthening) incorporatedJournal October 2008
2009-01-13Wilma dies quite suddenly after a short illness. My whole world is turned upside-down, but I keep hearing her often-repeated advice:
“Stop getting distracted — finish the aeroplane!”
so I am pressing on with the build, and working helps to distract from my sadness that she is no longer here with me
Journal January 2009
2009-06-04Both wings test-rigged to cockpit moduleJournal June 2009
2009-06-09Aileron and flying controls inspections (#7, #8, #9 & #23) completedJournal June 2009
2009-06-15Fuselage pre-build inspection (#20) signed offJournal June 2009
2009-11-09Firewall-forward kit deliveredJournal November 2009
2009-12-15Rotax 912ULS engine deliveredJournal December 2009
2010-05-20Cockpit module bonded inJournal May 2010
2010-06-19Another big (happy) life-change event: marry Dorothy Colwill. This has a few knock-on effects on the aeroplane project — but not all of them negative!Journal June 2010
2010-07-05Woodcomp SR3000/3W propeller deliveredJournal July 2010
2011-03-07Re-register the aircraft with the CAA from G-ROWI to G-RODOJournal March 2011
2011-11-25Loctite applied to tailplane torque tube in accordance with Service Bulletin 15Journal November 2011
2011-12-09First rigging of tailplanes on fuselageJournal December 2011
2013-04-06Set deadline of June 2015 (my 70th birthday) for aircraft to be completed and flyingJournal April 2013
2013-05-08Collect new-shape cowls from Neville EyreJournal May 2013
2013-07-20First trial fit of upper fuselage mouldingJournal July 2013
2013-09-12Full wiring diagrams completed and combined into a wirebookJournal September 2013
2014-05-02Factory Mod 70 (new mass-balance arm) completedJournal May 2014
2014-07-07Full fuel system drawing and parts list completedJournal July 2014
2014-07-23Fuselage inspections prior to bonding on the top (#21, #22 & #24) completed by Steve EvansJournal July 2014
2014-07-25Full vacuum system drawing and parts list completedJournal July 2014
2014-08-23Fuselage top bonded onJournal August 2014
2014-10-18Factory Mod 51 (retract lever support strut) completedJournal October 2014
2014-10-25Full pitot-static system drawing and parts list completedJournal October 2014
2014-10-31First successful rigging of wings to fuselageJournal October 2014
2014-12-19Wing pin sockets aligned and bonded to fuselageJournal December 2014
2015-01-24Aileron quick-connect bellcrank pads fitted and ailerons operating from the sticksJournal January 2015
2015-04-16Flap control system fitted and flaps operating over correct rangeJournal April 2015
2015-04-18Rudder fitted, tailwheel connected and both operating over the correct range of deflection from the pedalsJournal April 2015
2015-09-11Undercarriage retract system and flaps both operating over correct rangeJournal September 2015
2015-09-22LAA Mod SM 10755 (Retract latch spring) completedJournal September 2015
2016-03-14Engine first mounted on fuselageJournal March 2016
2016-03-18Carb heater blocks fitted for LAA Mod SM10427Journal March 2016
2016-07-15Cowl first mounted on fuselageJournal July 2016
2016-07-18Propeller first mounted on engineJournal July 2016
2016-10-06Silencer first mounted on engineJournal October 2016
2017-02-28Shoot bolt guides bonded in to doorsJournal February 2017
2017-03-10Doors hingedJournal March 2017
2017-03-14Door latches fitted and workingJournal March 2017
2017-05-02Wings delivered to Targett Aviation for filling and paintingJournal May 2017
2017-05-19Complete fuselage winched into trailer for first timeJournal May 2017
2017-05-30Flaps delivered to Targett Aviation for profiling and paintingJournal May 2017
2017-06-06Ailerons delivered to Targett Aviation for profiling and paintingJournal June 2017
2017-06-23Finished and painted wings collected from Targett AviationJournal June 2017
2017-07-10Finished and painted flaps and ailerons collected from Targett AviationJournal July 2017
2017-10-31Inspection slips for wing TE bond and root pins (#17 and #18) received from Roger Targett. Signed off 2017-05-04Journal October 2017
2018-10-29Tailplanes and ailerons delivered to Targett Aviation for painting (2nd try for ailerons)Journal October 2018
2018-12-31LAA Mod SM14809 (fuel filler rubber connectors) completedJournal December 2018
2019-01-22Tailplanes and ailerons collected from Targett Aviation paintshopJournal January 2019
2019-09-14Firewall fitted and engine re-hungJournal September 2019
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