Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2000 09

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tick On 4th September Wilma suffered a heart attack and had a cardiac arrest just after she got to hospital. This affected many other aspects of our lives besides aeroplane building!

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6 Phone call from Roger Huttlestone to say the fuselage and wing dollies are ready. I explain that with Wilma's heart attack I am not in a rush to get the bits immediately. I request that they deliver as most of the bits are awkward to fit into a car. He agrees to bring them over next time the truck is coming this way, with a prior phone call to check that I will be in. Seems I am not short of any angle pieces. Their current practice is not to put tailwheel rails on the ramp, as they seem redundant in practice and it will make the door a bit lighter. The tailwheel rails on the trailer floor should be splayed open, over about the last 4 feet or so, to guide the wheel in. Roger seems unsure what the resin he had promised me is needed for (apart from the minor repairs where the back edge got torn in manhandling).
26 Nigel & Cathy Charles call in for afternoon tea and to deliver the pitot/static mast (at £28) I had ordered from Nigel earlier by e-mail. The guy in the US who was making them has stopped, and I got one of the last 2 that Nigel had in stock.

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