Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2000 10

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4 Clear stored stuff from rear part of trailer floor and start to assemble layup table (as planned 1999 10 21!). Table-tops joined and (after buying more carriage bolts & 100 mm nylon castors rated at 85kg each) first door attached along long side as "leg". Bolts have to go quite close to the edge of the door to pick up the solid timber frame inside the MDF shell.
5 Attach second door to layup table. Decide to use battens across bottom for castors, without any speedframe. Bandsaw one batten to match thickness of second. Choose a thinner but much wider one for the centre. As the doors are hollow, only the area around the lock has a decent amount of solid timber for woodscrews. The joints of the end battens with the castors will be largely in compression, so the thinner frame will be enough for the woodscrews there. Not enough M8 bolts in stock for castors, so order some from Screwfix.
6 Bolts arrive from Screwfix, but no time to fit them because of trips to town, etc.
7 Bolt castors to battens, and screw battens to bottom edges of doors. Turn table upright and screw ply floor to battens. Roll it around to front of garage and start to fill storage area underneath with mahogany pieces. Unpack tail kit foam etc, re-stack on top of table and cover with polyethylene sheet again. Roll table into the space thus created in the garage.
9 Continue clearing recovered wood & aluminium into storage space under layup table.
31 Cut tongues & grooves off 2 pieces of spare chipboard flooring (after spending some time truing up circular saw blade with edge of baseplate), and slice in two for glass cupboard sides. Shorten 4-foot tubular heater so it will fit inside the 4-foot wide cupboard. With this 240-watt element, can we do without a thermostat in this cupboard? Could try it out and see after assembly, before putting cloth in it, but might be more sensible to get a thermostat anyway.

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