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The narrative is arranged as 3 introductory pages, followed by journal entries, one month to a page. There are links at the top and bottom of each page to go forwards or backwards. Embedded in the text are links to relevant picture pages, and some external links (displayed in italic text to differentiate them from local links). Recently I have tried to ensure that a mention of any commercial firm in the narrative embodies a link to the company's website. If you come across the name of a company (or any other appropriate entity) in the text without a link, please let me know (with a suitable URL) so that I can arrange one.

There is a page of links to other Europa builder websites.

The picture pages each contain one or several related pictures. At the bottom of each page are links to go to following or previous picture pages, or to return to the corresponding link in the narrative or journal page. Text pages have a link to the index list of all text pages, and photo pages have a link to the index list of all photo pages.

All pages are timestamped at last update, and all have links to:

tick This icon appears on a few pages, indicating a link to the list of milestones. That list has links to every page where a milestone appears, and a link to the building hours graph.

Very late on in the build process, I discovered the project planning application Ganntproject. It is free, but seems very capable. Learning to use it seemed quite easy, and the number of tasks I had left to complete did not seem to present an insuperable data-entry task. You can see the latest iteration of the Gannt chart it produces here.

I have tried to put buttons on most pages to let you go back where you came from within the site, but that has not always been possible. Occasionally you will have to use your browser's “back” button!

Aeroplane home-building: acknowledgements

All my web pages have been constructed on the Mac that I had in use at the time (Classic, LC475, 7100, PowerBook G4, MacBook Pro) using only BBEdit Lite, TextWrangler and BBEdit to create and edit the HTML and PHP, and GraphicConverter to convert, crop and re-size the pictures. I also used Adobe Photoshop Elements for easy correction of colour casts in a few of my own scans where large areas of blue foam had severely thrown off the colour balance (I have not wasted much time on this sort of nicety - the mixture of daylight, fluorescent and electronic flash lighting makes it too tedious to be worthwhile). The monthly journal pages are HTML table exports direct from a journal kept in FileMaker Pro, with PHP headers and footers added in BBEdit. I have added an AppleScript to BBEdit's script menu which searches for all the likely commercial mentions and adds a link for each one. FileMaker Pro (again, with assistance from AppleScript) also generates the HTML and PHP of the picture pages, and acts as a front-end to the MySQL database where the indexes of text and photo pages are maintained. The web pages for the indexes are dynamically generated from these database tables. I use DataGraph for generating graphs.

My Canon 9900F scanner captured the older negatives, slides and prints; some images are from scans of film, burned to CD at processing time by The Photo Place, Cheltenham (negatives) or by, Guernsey (slides); and the most recent are from digital cameras.

The pages are uploaded to my webspace (which is hosted by UKHOST4U) using the Transmit ftp tool.

Aeroplane home-building: advertisement

Because of a component supplier's high minimum order charge, I bought more stuff than I needed to build just one 12-24V converter (to run a 24V gyro off my 12V electrical system). So, I'm selling kits of parts until my stock of the critical component runs out.

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