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Here is the sobering illustration of my time spent building Europa kit 435 G-RODO (originally registered G-ROWI), plotted as accumulated hours against calendar years. This is time spent on actual aeroplane building as logged by the timer in the garage. It does not include time spent just thinking about it, setting up the workshop, working on the trailer, etc, etc. Note the lack of progress during 2005 to 2007 when I suffered a suspension of my flight medical because of visual disturbances, followed, when that cleared up, by a period of intense computer work to develop an online credit-card subscription facility for The Europa Club. The trouble I was initially having in getting the gel-coat finish on the rudder to an acceptable standard was quite discouraging too.

accumulated hours by date

As a different way of looking at it, here's a plot of the hours I have spent each week on the build. Alas, I have never achieved the 40 hours per week I once thought I might manage - I haven't been ruthless or obsessive enough to treat it like a paid job where I have to put in 8 hours every day, Monday to Friday! Here you can see, in addition to the 2005-2007 hiatus, how I didn't put in such regular time on the build during 2010 and 2011 when Dorothy & I were getting married and doing house re-modelling. In the latter part of 2012 we spent several weeks in Australia. Also, around then I spent some considerable time at the computer planning and documenting the electrical system, and, although very important to the project, time spent on that work was not logged on the garage timer. The thin patch during 2018 is partly because my time was much occupied with sorting out the local Quaker Meeting House room letting system and finances, which had got into a bit of disarray because of the illness of several of the office-holders. I was also discouraged by how I couldn't balance the ailerons after they were painted, and was disinclined to grind off the beautiful & expensive paint job!

build hours per week by date

Here is a less fine-grained version of the above graph, hours per month.

build ours per month by date

And finally, a really coarse view, hours per year.

build hours per year

I originally used Excel to produce this type of graph from a FileMaker Pro text export, but now I use the same text export from FMP in DataGraph by Visual Data Tools as it allows easier construction of a wider range of graphs. The graphics on this page are normally updated each month, when I add new journal pages.

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