Aeroplane home-building: 12 to 24 volt converter

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I was able to buy an ex-military 24 volt turn and slip gyro quite cheaply. The vendor told me it would run quite well even on 12 volts and I found that was indeed true - but when I turned my bench power supply up to 24V, it sounded much happier. So, I decided to give it the diet it expected for proper performance. I knew that integrated circuits were readily available to make DC-DC converters, with just a few external components needed.

I found that the National Semiconductor part LM2577-ADJ appeared to suit my requirements, but when I started to buy the parts for the circuit I struck problems. RS had just stopped stocking the recommended range of inductors. Eventually I contacted the inductor manufacturers in California who assured me they were still making them, and put me in touch with a UK stockist. They were happy to sell the parts to me, but had a hefty minimum order charge. To make it feel less unfair, I ordered a quantity of the inductors.

So, with more inductors than I can use myself, I'm now set up to supply a complete kit of parts for the 12-24V converter, for as long as my stock of inductors holds out. I chose component values optimum for 200mA at 24V, but it can be optimised for higher currents by changes in external components. My gyro draws much more than 200mA at startup, and the converter takes that in its stride.

24V converter parts

As well as the components pictured above, a metal case and other hardware, the kit includes full instructions with diagrams and a complete description of how the circuit component values were derived. I am selling it at 25 Pounds Sterling, which covers my costs for all the parts and UK postage. Please contact me using my i-name =Rowland.Carson if you want to know more, or if you want to order a kit. To defeat spammers, you'll have to confirm that your message is genuine before it can reach me.

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