Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2003 06

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5 Get cam cleat from Lynall Boats for holding wing hoist ropes.
6 Get ready to lay up UNI on starboard aileron horns. Catch inboard one with elbow & knock it off! Foam is a bit deformed towards bottom edge of fracture face. Re-position using cocktail sticks. Mix 3 strokes epoxy and decant off 2 small lots for micro & flox. Fill bottom-edge crack on broken horn with flox. Micro-slurry foam faces. Wet out UNI on plastic sheet with rest of epoxy - just enough for samples of all 3 types. Lay on UNI & scissor-trim ends. Apply peel-ply tape. Clamp plywood sheet against underside of aileron & inboard horn to keep it correctly aligned while curing, with polyethylene sheet interposed to stop plywood sticking to peel-ply. 563.0
7 Trim and sand sides of UNI layups on starboard aileron horns. 563.9
9 Drill 8.5mm blind hole in steel billet. Tap M10. Put M10 headless bolt in lathe chuck, face off cut end and drill 3/16" deep enough to accept rivet set. Blow out swarf with airline and assemble.
10 Get close-quarters drill attachment on loan from Harry Hopkins with assortment of bits; #40, #30, #19, #12 (4.8mm) & 2 lengths of 3/16". Harry suggests trying bolt in hole after using 3/16" drill before opening out to 4.8mm if needed.
14 Clear everything off trestle table. Bring in old ply for sacrificial base. Mark line 280mm in from edge of chipboard & clamp to ply & trestle-table. Set up router with long fence rods and cut off to line. Apply EvoStik Time Bond to chipboard and lay down printed paper template, overlapping both long edges and butt end. Press down fimly once straight along length. Trim to length and sand off excess paper at edges. 566.1
17 Re-draw 12-24V PCB layout & start to prepare schedule of parts and costs for kit for resale.
18 Get box, screws, grommets etc for 12-24V converter from Maplin.
19 Decide to change 12-24V converter resistor values for higher output within tolerance.
20 Get new resistors for 12-24V converter from Maplin & order smaller grommets.
21 Remove a total of about 12 gm of lead from starboard aileron horns by making small flox corners on lead as well as on foam. Mix 4 strokes of resin and use for flox and micro slurry. Mix another 4 strokes for BID; far too much, and it starts to exotherm so decant into several cups to keep it cooler. Peel-ply. Turn heat on later as ambient temp goes down. 570.4
22 Turn off heat.
23 Make bellcrank bolt alignment tool from steel offcut and old M10 bolt.
24 tick Decant 1 tin resin into pump reservoir. Remove peel-ply from starboard aileron horns, trim BID edges. Free up hinges where resin has trickled down a bit. Trim approx area of aileron LE for pushrod. 571.5
26 Check aileron balance - seems OK. Cut out flap template with bandsaw & fret saw to printed line on paper. Check the fit on the starboard wing root - OK. Start to re-assemble starboard aileron & linkage. Find I have been using the thin EURO01 washers for the temporary assemblies. Get the right ones out and mark the packet of thin ones more clearly, and reserve them for use against bellcrank etc, leaving the proper thick ones for use outside the rod-end bearings. Assemble outboard bellcrank bracket with Duralac and stiffnuts. Trim aileron LE more for pushrod. Fit aileron, using ali spacers on hinge screws as usual & eyeball for pushrod hole in wing TE closeout. Remove aileron, drill & file hole in wing closeout. Re-fit aileron; find that using a wire "crochet hook" to hold the hinges down onto the wing flange is very helpful and ensures correct alignment of screws on entry into anchor nuts. More filing needed at top & bottom of wing TE hole. remove, file, and re-fit. Measure for pushrod length with bellcrank & aileron set as specified. 380mm between bolt-hole centres less 92mm is 288mm. Mark out and cut aluminium tube TU2, leaving rather longer piece for port wing. Check clearance for pushrod - more filing needed outboard. 575.8
27 Degrease & spray starboard aileron pushrod with zinc chromate primer. 576.1
30 Set up starboard aileron pushrod on vee-block and drill for rivets. Clean out swarf, spray inside with zinc chromate. Coat inside of inserts with Duralac. Dip rivets in Duralac and set with hammer and home-made anvil. Rather disappointing appearance of shop heads, probably because rivets expanding within the hollow AN490HT8P threaded insert. File starboard wing TE hole; try out; file more; try again; file aileron LE. Check travel - & adjust rod-ends to get expected 75mm up at aileron TE tip with about 46mm from end of ali tube to bolt centreline each end. 578.3

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