Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2003 07

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1 Remove aileron after checking stiff points in movement again. File aileron LE some more. Clear accumulated stuff from inside wing. Screw cam cleats to bench and fit screw-eyes above them as guides. Re-thread rope through screw-eyes. Raise wing with pulley system and turn over; realise should have attached flap template first so turn it back again. Mix up some u-pol easylite polyester resin filler and put blobs against template-wing interface. Space template from rear rib with mixing sticks. File resin samples from last month or two. 581.0
2 Re-string pulley system with 8mm sisal instead of 6mm polypropylene which was a bit slippery and tended to squash flat in cam cleats. Start to turn wing over; not enough room between table and ceiling for attached template! Lower TE to floor and during this template falls off! Must have just flexed it or jarred it enough to break the joint. Fortunately it landed on and dented an unimportant corner so no dimensions lost. Turn wing over anyway and check fit of template from below. Seems OK, but will need to think about how to ensure it stays square & true while being re-attached. 581.6
3 Get 500g polyester resin from Lynall Boats (£7.99). Get foam blocks and wedges for wing support, and starboard flap, out of trailer.
8 Order small and large zip-lock poly bags, for use as sand-bags, from Viking along with Rally stuff.
9 Get 5 bags sand, about 20kg each, for wing closing weights. Zip-lock bags arrive.
12 Get brass screws and captive nuts for instruments from Light Aero at Rally.
13 Check that Aircraft Spruce will supply 4130 tubing in short lengths. Discuss gas struts for trailer ramp with David Schofield.
28 Hang up flap on ceiling. After thinking a lot about how to attach template with wing upside-down, turn it right-side-up again. Mix 25g polyester resin and 0.3g hardener, and re-attach flap tempate with it. Check fit of captive nuts on instruments. Have to enlarge holes in altimeter and VSI from #19 drill to #16 drill. 582.4
29 Turn wing upside-down again (with more care this time). Offer up flap. Check manual. Re-fit aileron. Offer up flap. About 3mm chord trim needed at root and some trimming needed at tip. Need to check lineup of fittings before taking anything off. Get out flap hanger and outrigger hardware, tidy up parts database, label small drawers and populate. 583.7

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