Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2001 03

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2 Sand off glass-cupboard flap again & apply a final coat of satin varnish.
10 tick Martin Carolan comes to approve workshop. All OK except needs more ventilation - should not be relying solely on mask to protect from resin fumes as they will affect eyes as well as breathing. Also he suggests that the shop temperature does not need to be quite so high as long as the resin itself is stored warm. Once the layup is done, it can be cured in a polyethylene tent with a fan-heater & thermostat. The tent could be fitted on top of the layup table, and the thermostat, at the opposite end from the heater, should have a small fan near it to give tight temperature control.
15 Order fans and ducting from Screwfix for ventilating workshop. 3 small ones with ducting to blow in from the front end, and a larger one to extract at the back end.
16 Fans and ducting delivered from Screwfix. Check that the 3-off 100mm ones will fit in the horizontal transom above the main garage door.
19 Buy another jerrican and a metal spout from MASH.
20 Call Martin Carolan about acetone; he can supply small (gallon) quantities at the pro-rata price they pay for their 25kg drums.
21 Buy 102mm holesaw for installing fans.
22 Drive down to Severn Valley Sailplanes and pick up their last 8.75 litres of acetone. Martin is off for the afternoon, so send him an e-mail requesting invoice.
23 Fit three 100mm fans above garage front door. Only just enough room as the front timber is thicker than I expected, coming right against the edge of the 102mm hole. Two of them have to be slackened off slightly to get the ducting onto the spigot. Bring cables together at east end of door. Not quite sure how to supply them (flexible lead to a power plug, or fixed cable to a fused spur box). Rig ducting from outer pair through insulating curtain. Middle one may be trickier as the garage door swings very close to the joists.
29 Fit junction box and wire intake fans to a switched outlet box on the garage ring. Mark out and drill/chisel 150mm+ hole for extract fan in rear brick wall. Fit fan, duct and outer flap.
30 Wire 150mm extract fan to another switched outlet box on the garage ring. Strap middle inlet ducting to room timbers, bring it through the curtain, and cut off just inside. Keeping it tight to the joists means it just clears the top edge of the up-and-over door.

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