Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 07

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5 tickPropeller delivered. Unpack and check - all appears perfectly OK. Store flat, supported on the mounting flange.
8 Drill out all the pop-rivets from the cockpit module bonding using a 3.5mm bit. Remove aileron quick-connect bellcranks and the short pushrods, to make glass work around the spar holes easier. 1334.0
12 While reversing trailer after moving it out for garden machinery access, it catches on protruding tiles at side of house and punctures the skin. Make a quick repair on the outside with polyester resin and some scraps of BID.
15 Trim back the edges of the spar holes in the fuselage sides with Permagrit file to match the profile of the CS14s and the seatbacks. 1334.4
16 Post a query on the Matronics Europa e-mail list about the extent of the reinforcing tapes between the cockpit module and the firewall - do they extend along the bottom of the footwell supports?
23 No useful reply to my query on the e-mail list so send a message direct to Bud Yerly.
24 Bud Yerly replies but hasn't understood my question. Send new statement of query with supporting photos. Bud replies confirming that I need no BID tapes along the footwell support.
29 Take fuselage out to front drive so as to have more working space around it. Find some plastic tubing to fit tightly over the CS15 pivot bolts and after fitting a greased EURO01 washer on each bolt, slide a length of tubing onto each. Blend out a few scratches on CS14 from the jigsaw or file using emery paper and a rubberised wheel on the Dremel. Scuff-sand CS14, seatback and outside of fuselage around spar holes. Apertures are 125mm x 165mm so will need 6 tapes about 580mm long by 90mm wide (40mm + 40mm + 10mm bend allowance). Mark up tape outlines and fold lines on polyethylene sheets. Mark and cut 1st set of 3 BID tapes & lay out on polyethylene. Clear resin pump spouts and mix 3 strokes of epoxy. Wet out the BID and paint the bonding area with the remains in the mixing tub. Apply layup sandwich to starboard aperture and peel off polyethylene sheet. Cut to length and use offcut as patch across joint. Peel-ply all over. Repeat for port side with about 3.3 strokes. Wheel fuselage back into garage. 21C, 52% RH. Turn on both fan heaters at thermostat 2.5. At 23:00, 22C, 54% RH, so wind heaters up to 3. 1339.2
30 Turn off heaters. Take fuselage outside. Remove peel-ply from spar hole layups. Trim edge of cockpit module flange at sides of tunnel to fair into firewall with angle grinder & Dremel. Vacuum out dust. Abrade & degrease bonding areas. Mark up 60mm wide BID strips 380mm, 400mm & 410mm long, 3 off each length. Mark up polyethylene sheet to match, cut and lay out BID strips. Mix 2 strokes of epoxy & wet out 410mm tapes. Apply to starboard side. Repeat for 400mm on port side and 380mm on top of tunnel. Peel-ply all over. 22C, 64% RH. Set fan heaters to thermostat 3.5. 1342.9
31 23C, 49% RH. Turn off heaters.

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