Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 08

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6 Remove peel-ply from firewall reinforcements. Fit access covers on hatches for wing-leveller servo and fuel tap. Abrade cockpit module rear bulkhead edge and adjacent fuselage floor area & vacuum up dust. Measure for BID tapes. Mark and cut 4 off 550mm x 60mm BID strips. Lay them out 2-up onto marked-up polyethylene sheets. Cut peel-ply tapes to suitable lengths. Will need a flox corner as there is a recess in places. Mix 3 strokes of epoxy and wet out the BID tapes. Not enough epoxy left for flox so mix another stroke and add a generous dose of flox. That's enough for the port side and a bit of the starboard side; mix another stroke for the remainder, add flox and apply to the corner. Lay up BID tapes and apply peel-ply. 21C, 66% RH. Set 1 fan heater at thermostat 3.5 in the rear fuselage, well aft, away from the cockpit module & wedge it up slightly at rear to get efflux going along floor of fuselage. Rig a piece of polyethylene sheet across the fuselage to form a tent over the bonding area. 1345.7
7 30C, 33% RH on tunnel. Turn off heaters. Template for rear fuselage bulkhead not in PDF manual (local copy or website) so e-mail Bud Yerly to query. Remove peel-ply from cockpit rear bulkhead to fuselage layups and trim top edges flush with cockpit module rear bulkhead. Try control-column boots for fit but maybe I'll leave fitting them until later to keep them clean. If so, will need to make some temporary boots to keep the bottoms of the control columns free of dust etc during the rest of the build. 1345.9
9 Having found that the fuselage rear bulkhead templates are all in Annex A of the printed manual, trace them onto polyethylene sheet. Fetch F04 out of box 9.
14 Get PLY1 sheet out & check that there is plenty left on it for the rear fuselage bulkhead insert.
27 Mark up 90mm x 245mm rectangle on PLY1 with grain on long axis. Cut out on bandsaw. Round corners to 1/2" radius. Trim off marked-up polyethylene sheet to outline of bulkhead and attach to F04 with masking tape, at a slight angle to long axis of foam to make best use of waste for tip piece. Mark outline onto foam with felt-tip pen. Mark tip join line onto polyethylene sheet. Cut out the 2 apertures in the foam bulkhead with a scalpel. 1346.9

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