Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 09

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23 Cut rear fuselage bulkhead outline to marked line. Before removing polyethylene template, butt one piece of waste against top and mark tip outline on it. Cut tip piece to shape & mark for correct orientation. Try the ply insert for size. Won't quite go in, so adjust corner radii and smooth edges of both hole and insert to get a good press fit. Cut pieces of polyethylene sheet to cover both sides of layup. Find a piece of 19mm ply and a piece of laminated chipboard to keep both sides of layup flat. Cut 2 pieces of BID roughly to bulkhead outline. Cut peel-ply to size. Find the pack of Q-cell and decant all it into the working storage tub. On the back side, tape the tip of the bulkhead onto the main part with masking tape. Lay bulkhead on a piece of polyethylene, on the laminated chipboard. Clear the pump spouts and mix 2 strokes epoxy. Decant about half off and mix in a small amount of flox, not as stiff as usual. Fold the tip join back and butter some flox into the join. Butter flox onto edges of both insert and hole and press insert into place. Scrape off excess flox. Add small amount of Q-cell to rest of epoxy & paint onto foam. Lay first layer of BID in place. Mix 3 strokes epoxy & wet out BID. Lay on second layer of BID & wet out. Apply peel-ply, apply polyethylene sheet and piece of plywood. Weight it down with a chunk of steel. 20C, 68% RH. Turn on both fan heaters to thermostat 3.5. 1349.2
24 At 09:40, 22C, 51% RH; turn heater thermostats up to 4. At 18:25, 24C, 40% RH. Turn off heaters.
25 17C, 47% RH. Turn on both heaters. Peel polyethylene sheet and peel-ply off rear bulkhead layup. Trim BID close to foam edges with Tuff-Kut scissors. Rub down BID flush with edges of foam using various Perma-Grit files. Cut 2 pieces of BID roughly to bulkhead outline. Cut a length of peel-ply. Lay bulkhead on polyethylene sheet. Mix 1 stroke of epoxy and add Q-cell to make a slurry. Paint onto foam. Lay in piece BID in place. Mix 3.5 strokes epoxy and wet out BID. Lay on 2nd piece of BID and wet out. Add peel-ply & lay polyethylene sheet on top then plywood and weight. 24C, 36% RH. At 23:00, 22C, 35% RH. 1351.2
26 At 23:00, 24C, 35% RH. Turn off heaters.
28 Remove weights, polyethylene sheet and peel-ply from bulkhead layup. Start to trim with scissors as before and then try Minitool jigsaw with diamond blade. Easier to get a good line close to the foam around all curves and re-entrant corners. Blade breaks part-way through. The blade clamp has always been unsatisfactory; the hole for the clamping screw is bored into the opposite face of the blade socket and so the M4 screw pushes the blade out of line when tightened. Drill right through clamp screwhole 3.3mm and tap M4 on the other side. Find a couple of M4 socket-head screws to replace the single original slotted cheesehead clamp screw. The blade is still long enough to work and the new clamping arrangement allows it to be held truly square. Finish trimming. Rub down to edge of foam all round with Perma-Grit files. 1352.8

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