Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 10

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25 While in Maplin, notice some 12V LEDs marked as super bright and buy a couple of packets of 4-off red ones. They fit 6mm holes, the leads are about 1.3m long and they are distributed by Ring Automotive. Try one on the battery and it is indeed very bright on-axis and reasonably bright off-axis.
29 Measure from cowl joggle to highlighted crosses on tailplane mount area. Port 142.5", 3620mm; starboard 142.25", 3615mm, but not convinced steel tape is lying in same place each side. Drill through the crosses with a 1.15mm carbide drill bit in the Minicraft drill, then open up to 2mm to take a piece of 14SWG piano wire. Initially try to hang the hook of the tape measure on the wire outside of fuselage but of course it keeps sliding outwards. OK, hang it on the inside instead - much easier and tape easier to keep on same route past headrests. Now port 3606mm and starboard 3604mm. As a double-check, mark a cross in the centre of the fuselage on top of the seatback and measure from both sides of the wire to that point. Port is 2358mm and starboard 2357mm. This should be a more reliable comparison as both measurements are to a single datum and the tape has a straight run with no obstacles. Thus the lines for the bulkhead front face will be 36.5mm (port) and 37.5mm (starboard) aft of the rear surface of the 14SWG (2mm dia) piano wire. Using digital caliper, mark initial positions of lines port & starboard on inside of fuselage. Check fuselage top edge for level - it's about 2.5 degrees tail-down. Wheel base of dolly is about 1850mm so will need about 80mm packing to get it level. Check holesaw stocks and find don't have a 2" one. After some online searching, order a 51mm Faithfull HSTCT51 Tungsten Carbide Grit Holesaw from Amazon. 1355.1

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