Lumps on wing top skin

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Lumps on wing top skin

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Resin nibs on wing skin

Resin nibs on wing skin: 2007-09-26.

Nikon Coolpix 8400

The raised line along the edge of the starboard wing skin and extending back towards the brown foam in the area of the inner horn box. It appears that there was a T-shaped piece put in the horn-box recess during vacuum-bagging and that the resin displaced by it collected in a line at its outer edge.

Resin nibs on wing skin rubbed down

Resin nibs on wing skin rubbed down: 2007-09-26.

Nikon Coolpix 8400

The underside of the starboard upper wing skin after filing off the resin lines in the area of the outboard horn box recess. Note that the tracer lines in the glass pre-preg are unbroken under the patches that have been rubbed down. The circular artifact at bottom left, also rubbed down, may have been left by the vacuum connection.

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