Sanding filler on rudder

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Rudder retaining battens

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rudder retaining battens

Rudder retaining battens: 2004 05 10.

Canon AV-1, Fujichrome Velvia 100F.

Two plain battens and one with a rebate, screwed to the layup table in position to restrain the rudder while sanding the starboard side. You can make much better progress on sanding if the workpiece is not able to get away from your enthusiastic attentions. Holding it steady with one hand while sanding with the other is very frustrating, compared to being able to hold the sanding block in both hands and put your back into the job. I didn't plan carefully enough before starting to screw things down, so the root end batten is in just the right position to foul the frame of the curing tent and stop it fitting fully into the sockets.

Rudder retained

rudder restrained

Rudder in sanding position: 2004 05 10.

Canon AV-1, Fujichrome Velvia 100F.

Here's the rudder in position for sanding the starboard side. Most of the filler has been sanded away, leaving none on the areas where the layup is highest, and patches of filler remaining on the low spots. The hinge rivet heads are left covered with filler, although those areas are not really low spots. This is good aesthetically at first, as the rivets are invisible, but because the filler is not so flexible as the layup of the underlying hinge flange, it's possible cracks may eventually show in the filler adjacent to the hinges - time will tell!

Rudder starboard side filled and sanded

rudder stbd sanded

Rudder starboard side filled and sanded: 2004 05 10.

Canon AV-1, Fujichrome Velvia 100F.

A view from the other end of the starboard side of the rudder. Note the obvious rectangular area at bottom right with no filler remaining. That's where I wasn't happy with the flox corner for the tight radius near the TE, and put a BID patch on top. Also note the line where the filler stops, about a third of the chord from the TE, along most of the length of the rudder. I guess there must have been a slight step on the template used for the hot-wire cutting of the foam core.

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