Modified iron

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Modified iron

modified iron

Modified iron: 2004 05 08.

Canon AV-1, Fujichrome Velvia 100F.

The much-abused el-cheapo steam iron with its new extension soleplate fitted. The idea of this was to provide a large flat plate which stays at a constant high temperature for smoothing very dry filler on flying surfaces. The increase in temperature makes the resin less viscous and so flow better. Gary McKirdy says he heats a piece of aluminium channel (as used for a sanding block) in the oven, but when I tried it I found the channel cooled too quickly to be of much practical use. I didn't actually use the oven, but placed it in front of a fan-heater and it got pretty hot quickly.

Please note that any attempts to emulate this modification of an electrical apparatus are entirely at your own risk! I chose places for the fixing screws that were obviously clear of the element, but if that cannot be confirmed, you could be in for a shock!

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