Rudder flange damage

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Rudder flange being separated

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Rudder flange separation

Digging out foam under rudder flange: 2000 06 09.

Canon AV-1, Kodak Royal Gold 200.

Part of the foam under the rudder hinge flange removed.

Rudder flange damage

rudder flange damage

Rudder hinge flange cut: 2000 06 11.

Mamiya RB67, Vericolor 160 Professional.

Things seemed to be going quite well up to this point! I think my knife must have just caught the end of a fibre in the UNI and that drew it into the layup. The cut was quite clean, following the fibre direction of one of the UNI layers.

Prepared for repair

rudder flange repair

Rudder flange ground back for repair: 2000 06 18.

Canon AV-1, Kodak Royal Gold 200.

It was a bit un-nerving at first seeing Martin Carolan grinding away at the damaged area, but with the light at the right angle, the edge of each layer of UNI appeared like a contour map as he continued. Thus, it was not difficult to see when to stop before cutting into the BID laid up on the inside of the flange. Here, it's all ready for the repair patch to be applied.

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