Making support sleeves for wing conduit

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Making support sleeves for wing conduit

Making support sleeves for wing conduit

Making support sleeves for wing conduit: 2007-08-31.

Nikon Coolpix 8400

A couple of turns of BID wrapped around 20mm conduit to make sleeves. The conduit was first protected from the resin sticking to it by polyethylene sheet wrapped around it. Peel-ply wrapped around the outside minimised the weight of resin retained in the layup. The BID tube so formed will be sliced into short lengths, each one to sleeve the conduit at the point where it passes through a wing rib. I feel this small extra complication is worthwhile to ensure that any possible relative movement of the rib & conduit when the wing flexes will not result in the edge of the rib hole sawing into the conduit.

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