Screw spacers for stiffnuts

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Screw spacers for stiffnuts

Pre-assembly spacers

Pre-assembly spacers: 2007-10-30.

Nikon Coolpix 8400

The ailerons are attached to the wing by screws fitting into stiffnuts mounted on the hinges. To avoid excessive wear on the stiffnuts and the screws during the numerous attach/remove cycles involved in the building process, I turned up a few aluminium spacers that allowed the screws to engage the threads but not go fully into the crimped part of the stiffnuts. Later on, I realised I should just be using shorter screws! There's quite a few of these AN525-10R8 1/2" screws used for similar fixings around the aircraft, so eventually I got a box of 3/8" 10-32 button-head socket screws for pre-assembly work. They have the advantages that (a) their black finish makes them stand out and so be less likely to get forgotten on final assembly when they should be replaced by the full-length ones and (b) they are much easier to carry to the hole on the end of an Allen key. (In passing, it would be really nice if generally-available aviation screws had sensible driving recesses such as Torx, hex, or square - almost anything would be better than the Philips recess.)

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