Dispenser bottle nozzles

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Dispenser bottle nozzles

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dispenser nozzles

dispenser nozzles: 2008-01-15.

Nikon Coolpix 8400

These are the nozzles I made up to reduce the problem of drips from the dispenser bottles. The left-hand one was originally planned as the aluminium part only, before it occurred to me that an extended and bent nozzle would allow the flow to be cut off more cleanly by tilting the bottle. The reduction in outlet diameter was useful for the hardener and gave better control, but because the resin is considerably more viscous the one for it proved a bit small and had to be replaced later by one with a larger-diameter brass tube.

bottle with nozzle

bottle with nozzle: 2008-01-15.

Nikon Coolpix 8400

Here's the resin dispenser bottle with its nozzle fitted. Initially I removed the nozzles and parked them on a little stand when not in use, but later got lazy and just left them on the bottles if expecting to be using them again within a day or two.

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