Finger strainers and tank adaptors

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Finger strainers and tank adaptors

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Finger strainers

Finger strainers: 2008-12-30

Nikon Coolpix 8400

Finger strainers made from brass gauze. The edges were soldered first to keep them from unravelling, then each piece was rolled around a mandrel. The ends of the outer wrap were tucked into the inner wrap and soldered.

Finger strainer end caps

Finger strainer end caps: 2008-12-30

Nikon Coolpix 8400

A circle of brass gauze was soldered onto the end of each tube and then a hole made in it large enough to take the 1/4" OD aluminium tubing to feed the drain valves.

Fuel tank adaptors test assembled

Fuel tank adaptors test assembled: 2008-12-30

Nikon Coolpix 8400

Here are the finger strainers, drain tubes, and fuel tank adaptors loosely assembled to check for fit. The AN914-1D fittings on the left-hand ends will have 1/8" NPT drain valves fitted, and they will draw through the aluminium tubes reaching to the bottom corners of each side of the tank (where water might be lurking). The main fuel feed to the engine is taken through the right-angle AN822-6D fittings at top and bottom in this picture, and they draw through the finger-strainers. Finally, the AN842-4D fitting on the lower side of the upper tank adaptor here is a hose nipple for the sight gauge tubing. The aluminium tubes will be fixed into the AN914-1D fittings, and the finger strainers to the tank adaptors, with Redux.

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