Flexible sanding tool

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Flexible sanding tool

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flexible sanding tool

Flexible sanding tool completed: 2004 08 21.

Canon AV-1, Fujichrome Velvia 100F.

Having completed it, I'm now not sure it will work any better than just holding a piece of emery paper between my hands (as illustrated on the tailplane tip shaping page). Time will tell!

[Later] In fact, I've hardly used this thing at all. The hard block is much better for rubbing down curved surfaces than an unsupported sheet of emery paper, because it allows pressure to be applied to the exact place required (as shown up by the guide coat).

Emery paper retention

flexible sanding tool detail

Flexible sanding tool detail: 2004 08 21.

Canon AV-1, Fujichrome Velvia 100F.

This is the part of the tool that took the most thought and turned out to be simplest to solve in the end, simply because I happened to have a couple of pieces of aluminium extrusions that were just the right shape.

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