Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2004 08

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21 Photograph completed flexi-sander. Cut 270mm length of 0.5" x 1.5" aluminium bar into 2 pieces, 90mm & 180mm. Clamp a piece of wood onto aluminium angle at side of table to stop the ali marking the workpiece when leaning against it. Rub down re-painted patches on rudder root and LE with various sizes of flat hard blocks. Thin patches re-appear in many places. Rub them all down a bit more with the rubber sanding block. 719.1
24 Order paper-cup spray gun (Zip gun) from Aircraft Spruce. Phone anodizing firms in Tewkesbury & Chippenham to see if they can black anodize the instrument sub-panel. They quote 60.00 and 42.00 respectively, so will probably stick with spray finish.
30 Clean up instrument sub-panel with 1200 grit on large soft block. I'd tried to keep the front face as unmarked as possible, but it got scratched in a couple of places. Fairly decent matt finish achieved overall. 719.8
31 Aircraft Spruce order arrives. Have to pay 21.13 on delivery for VAT & brokerage. The gun was $21.50 and the cups (200 off) $27.80, total $49.30. Freight, however is $67.47! Those get billed in pounds as 28.39 & 38.86 respectively, so the spray gun has cost 88.38 in total - I won't do that again in a hurry!

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