Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2004 07

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22 After much thought about making a concave sanding tool for dealing with convex surfaces, find a couple of pieces of aluminium extrusion with approximately C-shaped cross-section for end grips. The emery paper stays tightly in position if the end is rolled around a piece of 14SWG tinned copper wire and slid into the centre of the extrusion.
23 Service Bulletin 13 with new OR5 parts arrives from the factory. Check originals and both are the incorrect soft material. Mark them up as faulty. Check stock of FL9 bearing bushes and I seem to have enough spare that I don't have to try getting the ones out of the old OR5s. Notice on close inspection that one of the FL9s has smeared some of the soft OR5 material along with it while being pressed in - perhaps that should have been a warning.
29 Draw up dimensions of proposed sanding tool in CADintosh.
31 Find some aluminium (formerly a shallow 19" rack panel) to make the handle part of the sanding tool. Mark up, cut flanges and bend to shape. Rivet onto flanges of aluminium extrusions. Straighten some 14SWG tinned copper wire by stretching it with a bottle-jack between 2 pieces of wood. Mark up & fold the ends of a new piece of 240 grit wet-&-dry paper 20mm in from the end, roll around the wires and insert into extrusions. Need to bend handle a bit more as my dimensions on the CADintosh drawing didn't take the wraparound properly into account, but otherwise it's immediately serviceable.

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