Weekend Workshop

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Layers of BID on Euro-chock: 1999 10 16.

Canon AV-1, Kodak Gold Ultra 400.

Building the Euro-chock exercises nearly all the skills required throughout the project. This shows one of the most satisfying aspects - how bi-directional glass cloth (BID) will drape to fit complex shapes, provided you cut it at 45 degrees to the weave. Here, 2 layers of BID, each just a single piece, cover and adhere smoothly to 5 faces of the chock, including the concave surface on the right. The greenish patches are peel-ply.

Weekend workshop participants

Course members

Students and teachers at Weekend Workshop: 1999 10 16.

Canon AV-1, Kodak Gold Ultra 400.

Keith Wilson and Neville Eyre at left, Andy Draper at right. I'm the one in the middle with the dark glasses, beside Toni. We're standing outside the unit which, when Weekend Workshops are not being run, is Neville's Ferret Works (like the Lockheed Skunk Works but more Yorkshire-style).

Weekend workshop lunch break

Lunch break

Tucking into lunch in the Europa stores: 1999 10 17.

Canon AV-1, Kodak Gold Ultra 400.

For our buffet lunches during the weekend, we moved away from the chemicals and dust in the Ferret Works to the stores, to eat surrounded by hundreds of drawers full of bits for Europas.

Tail kit packed

Tail kit in car

Tail kit packed into Xantia: 1999 10 18.

Canon AV-1, Kodak Gold Ultra 400.

We returned to the Europa factory on the Monday morning after the Weekend Workshop to load up. The tail kit fitted very snugly into our car, with very little room to spare. There was quite a lot of foam, as it included the ailerons and flaps as well as the rudder and horizontal tail surfaces. It was important to ensure that heavy items like the resin containers couldn't damage the lighter foam parts. We slid long and thin pieces into various odd places, but by the time all the aeroplane stuff was in, there was no room left for Wilma's weekend bag which had to go in the passenger footwell.

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