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Form picForm pic thumbnailThis was an official photograph (maybe taken by Dan Biggart?), so I don't have a negative, only a postcard size print with B290/35M/F pencilled on the back. I don't know when or why it was taken, but guess from the apparent ages and the styles of uniforms it might have been the 1959-1960 academic year when I was in Form IV. Younger boys wore grey shirts and short trousers; after a certain age they were allowed to wear white shirts and long trousers. Younger girls wore the maroon gymslips universal here, with socks; older girls wore white shirts and grey skirts with stockings. From the evidence here, it appears that the age at which the uniform changes were permitted was different for boys and girls (although it looks as though a couple of girls have switched to stockings, perhaps before the rules allowed?).
33 individuals is about the right number for one whole form, but which form? Ann Maconaghie thinks that although many of those in this picture were in the same "S" form as us 2, some here were in the "L" form.

Back row, L to R: Roger Cromey, Hugh Sayers, David Wallace, Howard McLean, Junior Getty, Eddie Coils, John Black, Colin "Mooshie" Boyd, Kevin Campbell, Roy Irwin

Middle row, L to R: Jean Simpson, Rowland Carson, Jeremy Sayers, Irene McMullan, Diana Balmer, Sheena Kirkpatrick, Eileen Stirling, Isobel Kilpatrick, Marina Patton, Paddy Stewart, Madelene McFeeley, Norman Calvin, Trevor Boyd, Ivan Patrick

Front row, L to R: Ann Maconaghie, Rosemary Wilson, Jane Christie, Patricia Campbell, ?, Margaret Dowey, Mary Dunlop, Annie McMillan, Anne Stirling
Girlsgirls thumbnailThis photograph was loaned by Eileen Stirling and I don't have a negative. From the lack of school uniforms and the very rural background, this was obviously an extra-cirricular event. Ann Maconaghie believes it was during a school trip to Edinburgh. Apparently there was more than one photographer present, as most people are not looking directly at whoever took this, and about 5 faces are completely hidden from this angle.

L to R: Katie Tomlinson (music teacher), Patricia Campbell, Ann Maconaghie, Patricia Calvert, Diana Balmer, Rosemary Wilson, Gay Porter, Meta McMullan, Eileen Lamont
Girls 2girls 2 thumbnailNot long after the previous photo was put up, Ann Maconaghie came across some of her own negatives taken on the same trip. At first glance I thought this was actually the negative from which the other one had been printed, but clearly it was taken from a different angle, and reveals a different selection of faces. Only a few seconds can have elapsed between the two exposures. Who were the two photographers?

L to R: Katie Tomlinson (music teacher), Patricia Campbell, Ann Lamont, Ann Maconaghie, Rosemary Page, Patricia Calvert, Diana Balmer, Rosemary Wilson, ?, Gay Porter, Enid Patterson, Meta McMullan, Eileen Lamont
Girls in Edinburghgirls in edinburgh thumbnailThis is the second of Ann Maconaghie's negatives from the Scottish trip, which she thinks was in about 1960. (The third negative was taken from the top of the Scott Monument and as it doesn't show any recognisable faces I haven't bothered to reproduce it here!) Jenners' window (and the distinctive reflection thereupon) identify this as Princes Street, Edinburgh. I wonder who took this one since Ann herself appears again here.

L to R: ?, Ann(e?) Lamont (twin sister of Eileen Lamont), ?, Patricia (Patsy) Biggart, Dorothy Stevenson, Gay Porter, Ann Maconaghie, Enid Patterson, Rosemary Wilson, Diana Balmer, Jane Christie, Patricia Calvert, Deirdre Compton.
PrefectsPrefects thumbnailThis scanned image was supplied by Alex Atkinson, who started at Dalriada 3 years earlier than me, in 1954. It shows himself among the other prefects of his year with the headmaster. The other names, as far as we can determine, are:

Back row, (standing on a bench) L to R: Dessie Millen, James Murdoch, Murray Darragh, Joe Kennedy, Alex Atkinson, Uel Wilkinson, Gilmour Cameron.

Middle row (standing) L to R: Peter Cromey, Denis Martin, Máıre (Maire*) Carson, Elizabeth A Warnock, Dorothy E Stevenson, Alan R Brewster, Samuel Herd.

Front row (sitting) L to R: Eileen R Knox, Helen Campbell, Agnes Paul, K Rosemary Ginn (head prefect), G E Gordon (Headmaster), John Reid (head prefect), E Fiona Gillen, M E (Gretta) Barkley, Heather M Wallace.

The Dalriad of Summer 1962 reports that after leaving Dalriada, Máıre Carson, Fiona Gillen, and Dorothy Stevenson were attending the same course at Stranmillis Teacher Training College, all 3 specialising in music.

* I have used appropriate HTML character entities to represent this name correctly. If you don't see what looks like an acute accent (Irish fada) over the "a" followed by a dotless "i", your browser may not be standards-compliant. For those whose display is corrupted, I have repeated the name, unaccented, in brackets.
1954 or 1955 intake1954 intake thumbnailThis scanned image was also supplied by Alex Atkinson. The names, as remembered by Alex and by Murray Darragh, are:

Back row, L to R: Mr Gordon, Peter Cromey (maybe), George Wylie, Alan Boyd, Murray Darragh, Anthony Mummery, Billy Henry, Dan Holmes, James Murdock, Ian McLean, Bert Hill, Miss Ann Craig.

Middle row, L to R: Andrew Campbell, Desmond Millen, Bertie Ross, Samuel Herd, Peter Cromey (maybe), Ivor Reilly, Eithna Cowan, ?, Fiona Gillen, Denis Martin, David Corkey, Wilson Campbell, Alex Atkinson, Helen Campbell.

Front row, L to R: ?, Sheena Stewart, Heather Wallace, Agnes Paul, ?, Maureen Adams, Agnes/Ann Robinson, Elizabeth Tweed, ?.

Note there are 2 faces potentially identified as Peter Cromey. Murray Darragh believes that this is the 1955 intake, as he did not start form II(S) until that year.
1955-ish1955-ish thumbnailThis scanned image was supplied by Fiona Knight. She believes it was taken around 1955. Her mother, Margaret Rose McAuley (born 1938), is the only girl in the picture. Margaret lived in Ballymoney as a child then moved to Bushmills where she married, at age 17, James Beckett Stuart.
Jeffrey Small has identified most of the others thus:
Back row (L to R) Ronnie Templeton, James Brewster (brother of Allan), James (Skee?) McMaster, Willie Duffin, ?James Boyland?, ?Arnold Barkley?.
Front row - Brian Smyth, Margaret McAuley, Mr McGivern, John Todd, William Holmes (brother of Dan).
Willie Duffin provides the following alternative identifications:
Back row, 2nd from right, next to Willie - "Beefy" Wallace.
Front row - Willie confirms 2nd from right is John Todd from Ballymena but he thinks far right is Johnny O'Kane from the Loughguile area.
Neg 324neg 324 thumbnailKodak 66

Physics class. L to R: Aldwyn Calderwood (maybe), John Wallace, ?, Richard Millar.
Neg 282neg 282 thumbnailKodak 66

Physics lab. L to R: Roger Cromey, Madelene McFeeley, Irene McMullan, ?.
Neg 280neg 280 thumbnailKodak 66

Room 15 (library). Myra Stevenson sitting on table by window at far left. Jeffrey Small identifies the girl on the left in the main group as Maureen Kennedy (sister of Joe Kennedy). I can remember no other names, although the faces are all familiar.
Neg 279neg 279 thumbnailKodak 66

Dining room. This Table Prefect was in the year below me but I could not remember her name. Cecil Holmes (no relation) tells me it is Mary Holmes, who died in 2022. Her husband was a Presbyterian minister and her married name was Dorrian.

Jeffrey Small thinks that Mary was a sister of Willie, Dessie and Dan Holmes.
Neg 278neg 278 thumbnailKodak 66

L to R: David Wallace (maybe), Aldwyn Calderwood in the physics lab.
Neg 131neg 131 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

L to R: David Wallace, ?. This picture was taken in the back of Alan Reynold's car (Vauxhall Cresta/Velox/Wyvern) on the way home from a "careers" trip to the BBC in Belfast. I didn't warn AR that I was going to take a picture and he was somewhat alarmed when the flash went off, destroying his night vision momentarily! The poor framing is because I couldn't get my eyeball to the viewfinder with the camera positioned to focus on the other two. David did go on to work for the BBC and is now a producer/director - I applied at the same time but was turned down on medical grounds (see also neg 103 below).
Neg 123neg 123 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

L to R: Bill Patton, Kevin Campbell, Alex Duddy, Aldwyn Calderwood.
Neg 103neg 103 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

Brian McIlroy outside a window of the Route Hospital (Ross Thompson Wing), where I was cooped up during tests on my bronchiectasis. My chosen occupational therapy was building model aeroplanes, and Brian is about to check my workmanship on a Keil Kraft Messerschmitt 109. Out of focus in the background is the school physics lab.
Neg 015neg 015 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

L to R: Patricia Calvert, Rowland Carson. (I can't believe I wore that pullover with that shirt!) The day after this encounter Mr McGivern, observing the damage, asked me "What happened - cat scratched your face?", and without hesitation I replied (to the sniggers of others in the class who knew the owner of the claws) "Yes, sir, something very similar to that!".
Neg 014neg 014 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

L to R: Rowland Carson, Patricia Calvert, engaging in a spot of light wrestling.

If you can add to the information here, please let me know.

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