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1st XV 1960-611st XV 1960-61 thumbnailThis scanned image was supplied by Alex Atkinson, who started at Dalriada 3 years earlier than me, in 1954. It shows himself in the First XV Rugby team for 1960-61. The other names are:
Back row, (standing) L to R: Philip Scott, Victor McElfatrick, Alan Brewster, Joe Kennedy, David Corkey, Samuel Herd, Hugh McFarlane.
Middle row (sitting) L to R: Dessie Millen, Alex Atkinson, Uel Wilkinson, John Reid (Captain), Denis Martin, Gilmour Cameron, Murray Darragh.
Front row (on ground) L to R: Ivan Patrick, William Tweed.
Neg 120neg 120 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

John Black suggests this female high-jumper is Gay Porter. In the left background is the Cadet Hut, centre is the Route Hospital with its boiler-house chimney, and at the right is the physics/chemistry block and the boys' changing rooms.
Neg 130neg 130 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

Rugby game with David Blair leftmost of the players. Roger Cromey (with glasses) is the tallest central spectator and to the right of him is Malcom Elliot. Don Wright (badge on shirt, whistle in his mouth) is to the right of the 2 players on the ground.
Neg 186neg 186 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

A fairly close-run race. Kneeling behind the girl holding the tape appears to be Miss Craig ("Craigie-Ann"), and standing is Warnock Robinson.
Neg 198neg 198 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

L to R: Victor McElfatrick, Ivan Patrick. Boys did not normally play hockey, so I think this must be half-time (note the orange slice in Ivan's hand and the girls also eating in the background) at the staff vs pupils match. In the upper right background is the roof of St James' Church Hall.
Neg 230neg 230 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

John Reid on the way to a new long jump record. About half-a-dozen in from the right on the front row is David Corfield (grey sweater, short trousers), whose father owned the Corfield factory (cameras, later alternators) in Ballymoney. About 4 to the left again is Martin Neill (white shirt, long trousers). The tallest boy at the back might be Victor McElfatrick; and the girl 2 to the right of him looks like Elizabeth Holmes. The Austin A50 Somerset car in the right background probably belongs to Mr McGivern. Don Wright (games) asked me for copies of these photos to help in coaching John.
Neg 363neg 363 thumbnailBrownie 127

Nora Maconaghie about to break the tape well ahead of the field in the sack race. This picture was taken on a Brownie 127.
Neg 409neg 409 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

A Saturday-morning parade from the station accompanying the visiting rugby team from Boys Royal Academy (BRA), for the semi-final of the Schools Cup. BRA narrowly beat the Dalriada 1st XV captained by Alwyn McBride and including Philip Scott, Martyn Lewis, Kevin Campbell and John Strong. Trevor McCoubrey, Hugh Sayers, Martin Neill and others formed a Supporters Club for the occasion and organised the march. Trevor and Martin spent most of the pre-match night suitably modifying an old Orange banner. (Which lodge was so careless as to leave its regalia lying around for re-cycling in this manner?)
Neg 410neg 410 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

The parade from the station accompanying the BRA rugby team. I can't identify any of the people.

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