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The pictures which this page introduces have mostly been scanned at 600dpi direct from the original roll-film (6x6 & 6x9) negatives which I processed myself back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I've recently unearthed some colour transparencies which I've scanned at 1600dpi. (Other sources are identified on the individual pictures.) I have re-scaled them and adjusted the JPEG compression to let them be viewed at what I hope are reasonable sizes, retaining as much information as possible while minimising file sizes for rapid download. [I have found no finer tool than GraphicConverter (Mac-only) for this sort of image manipulation.] If you have trouble viewing the pictures, please let me know details of the problem so that I can make them acessible to as many people as possible. Some negatives have survived the passage of time better than others, and some were not perfectly exposed in the first place. I have tried to group them in themes (although several could fit in multiple categories), but they are not otherwise arranged in any particular order. Sadly, I do not have any date information. The rollfilm negatives were cut into individual frames (to fit the contact-printing frame I used back then) so not even the sequence of exposure can be determined as an aid to chronology. The negative numbers quoted have no significance other than to help me find them again in the file where they are presently stored. They were collected from various loose envelopes and storage wallets, and assigned arbitrary numbers as they turned up. Only later, as I started to use 35mm film, did I begin to acquire the good habit of properly identifying, dating and filing my negatives immediately after processing.

I was prompted to find and start displaying these pictures after using the Friends Reunited website (usual disclaimer) to make contact with other people who attended Dalriada School around the same time as me.

Since then I've become aware of the Old Dalriads website. (I actually discovered it through a "previous page" field in the access logs of my own website.) It hosts various discussion fora and items of interest to Old Dalriads.

I seem to have had a talent for photographing the backs of people's heads, for which I apologise. However, I hope you find something of interest here, and if you can add to or correct any of the information shown, please click here to contact me. To defeat spammers, you'll have to confirm that you are human before your message can reach me.

You may deduce from the spread of negative numbers that I have many more images on file from that period, but of course not all are relevant to Dalriada School. Please ask if you're interested in finding pictures of any other person, place or event that I might have.

As mentioned above, some of the pictures on these pages have been supplied by other people. If you have any pictures you'd like to add to the collection here, I'd be very happy to receive and include them, either original prints by snail-mail (which I undertake to return safely after scanning) or scanned images by e-mail (preferably as TIFF at 300dpi or better for prints and 1200dpi or better for 35mm slides or negatives).

My thanks to Alex Atkinson, John Black, Fionnuala Carson, Robert Chestnutt, Murray Darragh, Ann Maconaghie, Madelene McFeeley, Desmond Millen, David Neill, Martin Neill, Hugh Patton, John Pinkerton, Hugh Sayers, Dorothy & Philip Stevenson, Sam (Uel) Wilkinson and Eileen Stirling for supplying additional images, for assistance in identifying people and places, and for correcting errors in the photo captions. More feedback is always welcome.

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