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195204111952-04-11 thumbnail1952-04-11: This hardly qualifies to be included. Although perhaps a few of those present might have been at Dalriada prep at that time, it was later that most of us attended the main grammar school. It was taken at a birthday party in the garden of the other Carsons behind the premises of R & J Young in Market Street, on Friday 11th April 1952. The host that time must have been Fionnuala as her birthday is on 13 April. This was scanned from a print belonging to Myra Stevenson.
Standing, back row, L to R: Maire Carson, Rowland Carson (me), John Black, Patricia Campbell, Norma Brewster, John Maconaghie.
Sitting, front row, L to R: Ivor Boyd, Myra Stevenson, Judith McElderry, Fionnuala Carson, Ann Maconaghie, Helen Campbell, Penny Sanderson, Niall Carson.
195206141952-06-14 thumbnail1952-06-14: As with the previous picture, many of those here went on to attend Dalriada later. This is the party for my 7th birthday, on Saturday 14th June 1952 (2 days before my actual birthday) on the tennis court at Osmond House. This was scanned from a print belonging to Myra Stevenson.
Standing, back row, L to R: Ivor Boyd, Maire Carson, Rowland Carson (me, looking disgustingly proprietorial!), Bryce Curry, Richard Millar, Alan Moore, ?, Dierdre Compton, Malcom Elliot, ?, John Black, Betty Curry, ?, Victor McElfatrick, Lex Erskine, ?, John Wallace.
Sitting, front row, L to R: Maureen Erskine(?), Niall Carson, Elizabeth McElfatrick, Myra Stevenson, ?, Fionnuala Carson, Desmond Compton, Clifford Carson (note matching cardigan to Rowland).
Giants CausewayGiants Causeway thumbnailThis scanned image was supplied by Alex Atkinson, who started at Dalriada 3 years earlier than me, in 1954.

L to R: Desmond Millen, Martyn Lewis, Alex Atkinson
Neg 042neg 042 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

David Wallace (L) and John Pinkerton during the geography tour. I think the hat David's wearing belonged to me. I do not know what was in the bottle!
Neg 043neg 043 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

"You'll always find Gallaghers Blues" - David Wallace (L) and John Pinkerton during the geography tour.
Neg 044neg 044 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

Hilary McClelland & Martin Lewis enjoying the geography tour.
Neg 355neg 355 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

During the geography tour I glanced out of the bus window as we headed towards Ballycastle and noticed that Knocklayde appeared to be erupting, courtesy of an odd-shaped orographic cloud formation. I didn't have a yellow filter, so the contrast in the sky is poor and my attempts to improve it have resulted in a rather "posterised" appearance in some browsers. This image is included specially for John Pinkerton, who, 40 years after, still remembered this bit of serendipity!
Neg 048neg 048 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

Trevor Boyd (foreground) and Martin Neill hunkering down the Grey Man's Path at Fair Head on the Geography tour. Several of us went down this way to the foot of Fair Head and clambered over the huge rocks near sea level round to Murlough Bay where we met the bus again. The rest of the party went along the top of Fair Head.
Neg 061neg 061 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

On the second day of the geography tour, the brakes on the bus failed and the driver went through the dike on a hairpin bend to stop it. We think this was in the Spelga Pass near the Silent Valley reservoir. Ann Devlin tells me that in December 2013, the driver, Jack Williamson, is still living in Ballymoney at 93 years of age.
Neg 064neg 064 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

The bus crash on the geography tour. For some reason, I have tilted the camera to bring the bus almost square in the frame. Note how far it is really tilted over, by reference to the figures on the right!
Neg 354neg 354 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

Geography tour bus crash. David Wallace at left looking into the distance, near him Patricia Calvert with sleeveless jacket. David Holmes central with grey sweater walking L-to-R. Beyond him Martin Neill furthest away in dark sweater. Next right Douglas Cochran, grey sweater, then probably Mr Sinclair ("Lulu") with his back to the camera. Sam Harris extreme right. No-one was injured, although several suffered from shock. We were miles from anywhere and so hung around waiting for replacement transport. Strangely, it wasn't raining!
Neg 185neg 185 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

During one Easter holiday a geography walk over Orra was organised. I don't remember if it went ahead despite or because of the snowfall! Roger Cromey at left, others unknown.
Neg 220neg 220 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

School camp on Rathlin Island. Back row, squatting, L to R: Brian Baker, Dennis Martin. Front row, lying down, L to R: Philip Scott, John Strong, Colin "Mooshie" Boyd, Ivan Patrick, Dessie McLarnon, ?. The diagonal line is a tent-rope. This was one of the days that the sun shone!
Neg 224neg 224 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

On one of the rainy days during the school camp on Rathlin, we walked all the way from the campsite (between the east lighthouse and Bruce's Cave) to the west lighthouse near Bull Point (and back!). Brian Baker is on the left with the beret. For some of us, this was one of those "Are we having fun yet?" experiences ...
Neg 173neg 173 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

Rowland Carson & John Strong, either at the school camp on Rathlin or perhaps at a Scout camp somewhere else entirely.
Neg 249neg 249 thumbnailKodak 66

The Conspirators - according to the programme of the December 1962 Julius Caesar production there were indeed 8 of us, but someone seems to have gone missing. Like neg 250, this is an over-enlargement of the centre of the negative. L to R: 1, Sam Harris; 2, unknown 3, Roger McMullan; 4, Eddie Coils; 5, Malcolm Elliot; 6, David Ginn; 7, Rowland Carson (me). The other 2 names were Shaun Gillen and Peter Stewart, neither of whom I can associate with the blurred features of number 2.
Neg 250neg 250 thumbnailKodak 66

The Romans - a selection of the boys associated with the Julius Caesar production, some with authentic haircuts. Taken by someone else, who didn't get close enough (so this is only a small central section of the negative). Despite this, maybe you can decipher a few faces - some of the following identifications are tentative. Standing, L to R: 1, Chris Dyer; 2, Archie McKeeman; 6, Roger Cromey; 7, Sam Harris; 8, Rowland Carson (me); 9, Malcolm Elliot; 12, William Kyle; 17, Roger McMullan; 19, Aldwyn Calderwood. Squatting, L to R: 1, George Harris; 4, Elmer Andrews; 6, David Blair. Note the affectation of my blazer buttoned only on the bottom button, and the black crew-neck sweater. The latter was a variation on the school uniform allowed during the production. I think it was really only the stage team who were entitled to this relaxation, so as a cast member I was pushing my luck, but I thought it looked so cool.
Neg 252neg 252 thumbnailKodak 66

Either setting up or taking down lights etc for the Shakespeare play in the Assembly Hall. Mr McGivern is holding the stepladder, and Alan Reynolds is to the right in the white coat.
Neg 040neg 040 thumbnailKodak Sterling II

The Guitar Group outside the school gate. L to R: Rowland Carson (electronics), Pete Colgan (lead guitar), David Wallace (bass guitar), Robert Rock (drums), Aldwyn Calderwood (rhythm guitar). They had performed in the school concert earlier in the evening, but after the stage appearance, we had a jam session in the music room which was audible over later acts, and we got a severe telling-off from Jim Magowan.
Slide 007slide 007 thumbnailAgfa Silette

The School trip to Paris, July 1963, was the first time I'd been outside the UK. I remember the cost of the whole trip was 30 pounds. Most of the pictures from that trip, taken with my new 35mm Agfa Silette on 160ASA High-Speed Ektachrome, are the usual tourist scenes, but a very few have members of the School party visible. We travelled by train & boat, and across London by coach. I can't remember doing it, but apparently we covered some of the tourist traps en-route, as here are plenty of Dalriada uniforms outside Buckingham Palace. Among the left-hand bunch of girls appears to be teacher Billy Nicholl (glasses & bald head).
Slide 022slide 022 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963, while crossing London by coach. More Dalriada uniforms outside Buckingham Palace. Brian McIlroy at left, centre right looks like the back of Sam Harris's head, and I recognise but can't name the girl on the right.
Slide 017slide 017 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Enjoying the sunshine and bracing breeze on the cross-channel ferry. This was the outbound trip; the ship's wake with the white cliffs in the background, and the direction of the sun are good cues; but I clearly remember that the weather on the return crossing was much less pleasant than this! Left is Colin "Mooshie" Boyd and beyond him I think Philip McGivern.
Slide 021slide 021 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. "Voulez-vous buvez avec moi ...?". Teachers Pat Gillespie and Don Wright sharing a simple repast on one of the trains. The shape of the bread and the fact that the drink is wine, not tea, makes me think that this train was in France, not England or Ireland! Note Pat's STS badge - the trip was arranged through Schools Travel Service.
Slide 002slide 002 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Taken in the dining room at the boarding school where we stayed. That's me on the left, with my face almost hidden while drinking a glass of water. In the foreground, pulling a face, it looks like Brian McIlroy.
Slide 006slide 006 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Taken in the dining room at the boarding school where we stayed. Patricia Calvert, dark hair, centre. Was my reputation as a photographer really as fearsome as the other girl's reaction seems to suggest? On the right with the handkerchief, is Philip Stevenson.
Slide 019slide 019 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Taken in the dining room at the boarding school where we stayed. Philip Stevenson bottom left; teachers Pat Gillespie and Don Wright central a couple of rows away, both looking to the left. I recognise but can't put names to any of the other faces.
Slide 001slide 001 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. This was taken either at the boarding school where we stayed or perhaps at one of the places we visited. Here I recognise teachers Don Wright (centre with sunglasses) and Pat Gillespie (dark hair, white dress, 3rd from right), but can't remember any other names.
Slide 020slide 020 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. This was taken either at the boarding school where we stayed or perhaps at one of the places we visited. Left of centre, arms akimbo in the blue shirt, is French teacher Warnock Robinson. Just visible over his shoulder is Rosemary Page. Teacher Billy Nicholl (grey jacket, balding, glasses) is striding away towards the right and at the extreme right is teacher Don Wright.
Slide 024slide 024 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Students of French culture will be able to tell me where this is; I surmise it's something to do with Napoleon & Josephine. Almost the only visible face is Elizabeth Holmes, far right.
Slide 015slide 015 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Re-fuelling at a pavement cafe. This demonstrates again my knack for capturing unrecognisable aspects of people. The face on the right with the French bread and the orange I know; but as she was in a class junior to mine her name would have been unfamiliar to me, even at the time. She also appears (again with a white headband) in one of the dining-hall shots.
Slide 023slide 023 thumbnailAgfa Silette

During School trip to Paris, July 1963. Teachers at a pavement cafe. This appears, from the chairs, to be the same establishment as the previous picture. Music teacher Katie Tomlinson appears in profile with the orange and brown striped dress, Don Wright is half-hidden behind a hand, and Billy Nicholl is almost invisible extreme left. The young woman in the centre also appears in one of the earlier group shots; she might have been a student teacher.

If you can add to the information here, please let me know.

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