Dalriada photos: Pupils (Prefects)

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This scanned image was supplied by Alex Atkinson, who started at Dalriada 3 years earlier than me, in 1954. It shows himself among the other prefects of his year with the headmaster. The other names, as far as we can determine, are:

Back row, (standing on a bench) L to R: Dessie Millen, James Murdoch, Murray Darragh, Joe Kennedy Alex Atkinson, Uel Wilkinson, Gilmour Cameron.

Middle row (standing) L to R: Peter Cromey, Denis Martin, Máıre (Maire*) Carson, Elizabeth A Warnock, Dorothy E Stevenson, Alan R Brewster, Samuel Herd.

Front row (sitting) L to R: Eileen R Knox, Helen Campbell, Agnes Paul,K Rosemary Ginn (head prefect), G E Gordon (Headmaster), John Reid (head prefect), E Fiona Gillen, M E (Gretta) Barkley, Heather M Wallace.

The Dalriad of Summer 1962 reports that after leaving Dalriada, Máıre Carson, Fiona Gillen, and Dorothy Stevenson were attending the same course at Stranmillis Teacher Training College, all 3 specialising in music.

* I have used appropriate HTML character entities to represent this name correctly. If you don't see what looks like an acute accent (Irish fada) over the "a" followed by a dotless "i", your browser may not be standards-compliant. For those whose display is corrupted, I have repeated the name, unaccented, in brackets.

If you can add to the information here, please let me know.

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