Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2007 06

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1 Wipe down starboard side of rudder again. Mix 50g + 5g gel-coat and spray onto all visibly thin areas, using paper-cup spraygun, finishing about 16:30. Had just about enough to cover all thin patches but noticed later theat end end of tip did not get quite enough. Mix 60g + 6g gel-coat and again spray the same thin areas. Seems a bad idea to re-use the same cup as lots of lumps appear and sometimes block feed tube. Finish about 18:15. Mix 100g + 10g gel-coat & spray whole starboard side, after cleaning a lump of cured gel-coat from nozzle. Run out before quite finished. Mix 30g + 3g gel-coat and that is exactly enough to complete it, no more. Finish about 20:55. 752.6
2 Rub down port side of rudder and hinge vee. Fewer low spots on this side, mostly at root and tip. Clamp a batten to the trestle table and set up porrt side at about 45 degrees with hinge vee presented nicely. Mix 60g + 6g gel-coat & spray onto inside of vee and slightly around port LE. Quantity seems perfect. Repeat with another 60g + 6g of gel-coat and again with a third the same. Re-position rudder with port side uppermost. Mix 25g + 2.5g gel-coat in film-can spraygun & apply to thin areas on root, tip & TE. Full-width tongue-depressor too big for mixing without slopping over, so split one for use with film-can next time. Mix 30g + 3g gel-coat in a paper cup & spray root, tip & TE 2nd coat. Mix 130g + 13g gel-coat & spray whole port side Just about perfect for quantity, and a small corner is starting to gel in the cup when it stops spraying. 755.4
5 Clear up layup table a bit to make room for rubbing down. Put glass filter funnel in resin cupboard for safety. Check samples from 2007-05-28. All 3 are cured really hard, but have plenty of bubbles because they were such a thick layer and the curing temperature, on the floor of the resin cupboard, was higher than normal. The mixing was a bit slapdash in the first place and there were quite a lot of small bubbles even before cure. Move rudder to layup table. Late afternoon sun is at the ideal angle to highlight the various drips (from nose of spraygun) and runs (where I laid it on too thick). File them down with Sandvik 402 small abrader, 285 grit. 757.1

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