Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2007 05

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The reader will probably have noticed that entries in this journal have been a bit thin over the past couple of years.
The repeated difficulty in getting the gel-coat finish correct on the rudder was getting me down; and when there's a job in which you have a fear of failure, it's always easy to find a different job!
The jobs I found included preparing the Europa Club database system for handover to the new Membership Secretary, and setting up an entirely new system for accepting card payments via the Club website. This entailed learning not only the latest version of my favourite database manager, FileMaker Pro, but also the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database manager.
I think I have at last escaped from all this displacement activity and got psyched-up again for aeroplane building, so I hope this journal will be appearing in a more regular fashion again.

day notes hours
28 Rub down starboard side of rudder with 360 grit wet & dry. Set up on inverted mixing cups on newly-cleared trestle table. Wipe down with acetone-soaked tissue. Rest compressor regulator to 40psi (~2.75bar) and move hose to filtered outlet. Open (with some difficulty) 1kg gel-coat tin and find it has gone solid. With even more dificulty, open 5kg tin (which I noticed some time ago had developed "sucked-in" sides) and it is also solid. Can't proceed with rudder until I get more gel-coat, so do more clearing up elsewhere. Throw out leaky PETE pump container that had a small amount of slow hardener in it. Decant some slow hardener into a cleaned and dried PP pump container. Pump a couple of squirts from resin pump container and clean nozzle. Mix 12g resin + 3g slow hardener. Label & leave to cure as a test piece in resin cupboard. Unplug resin pump nozzles (resin side quite stiff), free-up pump handle and dispense a couple of strokes to waste. Dispense 1 stroke, mix & label as test. Leave to cure in resin cupboard. Cut off about 180mm of plastic conduit (17mm ID, 20mm OD) and cover with a layer of polyethylene held on with cellulose tape. Cut BID strip 150mm x 40mm and lay on polyethylene sheet. Mix 1 stroke standard resin and wet out BID. Roll around conduit. Cover in peel-ply and leave to cure in resin cupboard. Cured by bedtime. Some resin has migrated between the polyethylene layers around the conduit, making it hard to slide off, but otherwise looks good. Samples also look to be curing OK, although with some bubbles. 751.0
29 Collect 1kg Schwabbelack from SVS. Martin Carolan says it's important to stir the container before decanting as there is a paraffin wax component which migrates to the surface during storage to keep it unaffected by the air. He is happy with my wing duct proposal including the BID sleeves at the rib positions.

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