Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2007 07

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Although the eye problem I'd suffered was resolved and my Flight Medical Certificate reinstated some time ago, I'd somehow not got around to re-validating my lapsed PPL until May this year, when I started taking some dual hours in preparation for the Skill Test. I eventually passed it on 19th July, and had further cause for celebration on the 20th - see below!

day notes hours
5 Unscrew root clamp batten & re-clamp rudder into sanding jig, starboard side up. Rub down wet with 240 grit wet & dry on 300mm x 75mm aluminium channel, until most of overspray roughness has gone. Dry off & apply 3m Dry Guide Coat. Run down until only a few low spots remain. Switch to 88mm x 38mm aluminium block and rub down the remaining areas, trying not to go any deeper than really necessary. Carry round slightly onto root & tip. Dry off and & apply 3m Dry Guide Coat again. A few contour lines appear in patches. I assume this is where the rubbing-down has gone through the latest spray layer and into underlying layers, which are in a much more mature state of cure, and thus presenting a slightly different surface texture/hardness. Rub down wet with 360 grit wet & dry on 300mm x 75mm channel until only a few grey low patches remain. 759.6
20 Switch to 88mm x 38mm block with 360 wet & dry & rub out remaining grey areas. Rinse down, dry off, apply fresh 3M Dry Guide Coat & rub down with 600 grit on 300mm x 75mm channel and then a few areas with 88x38. Rinse down, dry off, apply fresh DGC & rub down with 600 grit on soft-faced 300x75 channel. Rinse down, dry off, apply fresh DGC. Fit new whip connector to air-powered DA sander. Fit 1000 grade Abralon disc and rub down wet. Even when throttled back a bit, DA sander is calling for as much airflow as the compressor can supply when running continuously. Also seems a bit slow to remove all of the DGC - maybe because of very spongy backing on abrasive. Try the Abralon disc freehand and it seems to take the DGC off better. Clean up and rub down again wet with 1200 grit wet & dry on soft-faced 300x75 channel. Looking almost polished now. Apply Farecla G3 paste and rub down by hand with a damp cloth. Wash off and dry, then give a quick polish with the electric DA polisher fitted with wool bonnet. If I can get it all looking this good, I'll be pretty satisfied. 763.8

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