Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 03

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1 Fiona Dale from Swift replies to my e-mails, answering one (the bent bracket for the oil tank mount is no longer needed) and passing the other to Bud Yerly.
2 Bud Yerly replies to my FWF manual query saying to use rivets TAPK33BS (or TAPK36BS if glass too thick) for the anchor nuts on the throttle box. He also suggests an alternative adjustable throttle idle stop.
8 Wheel fuselage out of trailer, remove top moulding and bring round to front of garage. Measure for the centre of the spar holes in the fuselage side and mark them out about 15mm undersize all round (30mm x 120mm). Double-check the locations and cut them out with the Minitool jigsaw and diamond blade. With Robert's help, roll fuselage round to back again, replace top moulding and put back in trailer. 1315.8
10 While getting other things in Halfords, notice they have illuminated rocker switches and high-brightness 12V panel LEDs, so buy a pack of red LEDs and a green switch. The LEDs are excellent, easily visible in direct sunlight and the right size for the existing panel holes, with a couple of feet of wire attached. The switch is a bit disappointing. The best switch so far still appears to be the toggle switch from Maplin with an LED on the end of the toggle, although I'm not yet convinced of it's robustness.
11 With Robert's help, fit cockpit module to fuselage bottom moulding to confirm that the wing spar holes are correctly positioned. When returning CM to garage, it gets rolled onto on one corner and a small crease appears in the thin part underneath where the rudder pedals will go. 1316.4
18 13C, 55% RH. Turn on both fan heaters to thermostat 3.5. Clear up some tools etc to make working space. Find batten to support cockpit module so that fuel drains do not contact floor, and lower CM onto it. Find a couple of blocks to support forward part of CM and allow good access underneath front end. Scuff-sand area around crease with Perma-Grit file and degrease with acetone. Cut 4 pieces of BID 100mm x 75mm from an offcut and lay up 2-thick on polyethylene sheet. Clear resin pump hardener spout and flush. Mix 2 strokes epoxy and wet out BID. Apply one layup to inside of creased area and one to outside. Apply strips of peel-ply and leave to cure. 21C, 41% RH at 17:00; 23C, 41% RH at 22:00. Turn off heaters. 1318.2
20 Take off peel-ply and trim edges of cockpit module repair. Lift CM onto firewall face. Look at possible positions for fuel "weight" sensor. 1318.4

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