Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 04

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9 Put a couple of small offcuts of 5mm bore plastic tubing from B&Q in a sealed glass jar of unleaded petrol to see how they react. Think more about fuel level sensor takeoff. Looking through spare fuel system parts suggests a manifold with 1/8" NPT tappings for the sight gauge tubing to connect via AN842-4D elbows and a turned nose like F09B. Hacksaw off a 38mm length of 1" aluminium bar. Face end and turn true for about 25mm. Remove from chuck and cross-drill through 8.5mm. Tap 1/8" NPT from both sides, checking that the AN842-4D elbow screws in an appropriate length on each side. Replace in chuck with un-machined end out. Face, centre-drill and drill 4mm to break into cross-hole. Turn down first 16.5mm to 6.5mm diameter, then all but the first 4mm to 6mm diameter. Swivel topslide to 20 degrees and turn a taper on the outer end. Transfer to vice on milling table and mill flats parallel to tapped hole to save a little weight. The plastic tubing samples are starting to go cloudy already. 1321.6
12 Order silicon tubing and propeller tachometer from Just Engines. Order another AN842-4D elbow and urethane tubing 1/8" & 1/4" ID from LAS Aerospace.
13 Just Engines order arrives. Put a short offcut of the silicon tubing in the jar of petrol. The samples of the tubing from B&Q have gone very hard and one has cracked along its length. Collect WAM-120 from Wilksch.
14 LAS Aerospace order arrives. Put a small offcut of the smaller diameter urethane tubing in the petrol jar.

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