Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2010 02

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1 Phone Roger Huttlestone to check that he's in and available. Remove port wing spar clamp from trailer post. Fit roof bars to car; cover with carpet (why didn't I do that before?). Remove port flap. Get help from Robert next door to lift port wing onto roof bars. Fit restraining blocks and tie down. Take wing and spar clamp to Roger's workshop. After some discussion about the best way to do it, he cuts the clap along one edge and springs it open. After a few trial assemblies, and trimming the outer lip down to about half its original height, it all seems about right so he fills the gap by welding. The tang of the hold-down needs cutting down as it's no longer quite in line. Pretty quick and easy and worth the 10 he asks. Bring it home, unload with help from Robert.
2 Finally get the parts and manuals database licked into shape and working in a convenient manner. Do some data entry.
3 Start to do FWF part-manual cross-reference data entry. Remember that I haven't entered the carb heater or vacuum pump parts yet.
5 Re-fit port aileron and flap. Remove last piece of peel-ply from inside of wing repair and replace inspection cover. Take fuselage rigging dolly and other stored stuff out of trailer. Take fuselage on the temporary dolly onto the lawn out of the way. Bring wing dollies round to garage. Fit modified spar clamp back onto trailer post. With help from Robert next door, fit port wing dolly, wheel it round to trailer and clamp in. Spar fits OK after trimming carpet lining of clamp down to match lowered front edge. Attach starboard wing dolly and put it in trailer too. Put other parts including rigging dolly into nose of trailer, checking that enough clearance is left for tail of fuselage. Drill holes and attach ropes to both ends of temporary fuselage dolly and find I can now manoeuvre it into the trailer single-handed. Going in tail-first this time, need to lift the nose end to keep the fin clear of the trailer roof. Put boxes 9 & 7 in garage as there's more room there. Wing slings go in garden shed - hope I won't need them much any more, but should keep options open. 1314.6
27 Hoped the weather might be dry enough to get the fuselage lower moulding out and measure up for the spar holes, but too many showers today. Check that I've got enough fresh Redux in stock for the cockpit module bonding (800g called out). Continue with cross-checking FWF manual against the parts inventory. Find some discrepancies and send e-mails to factory about them.

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