Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2000 06

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13 Mention to Robin Morton at Gloster Strut meeting that I'm on the lookout for air-driven gyros. He says he's just serviced a spare one for Graham Clark of the Bristol Strut and thinks he'll want to get rid of it for about £150.
15 Contact Ed Hicks, Bristol Strut co-ordinator and ask for Graham Clark's phone number. Contact Graham Clark. He is planing to sell the horizon at the Rally flea market, at £150 plus PFA* commission. I offer to save the trouble to taking it to Cranfield. He is travelling to Coventry and Stratford on the next day, so arrange to meet near M5 junction 11 to hand over.

* The Popular Flying Association (PFA) became the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) on 2008-01-01.

16 Meet Graham Clark and pay £150 for horizon. It is Italian-made, apparently dating from 1969. Robin's report accompanies it and seems satisfactory. A note mentions that the connections are non-standard (UNC) threads.
23 Meet Robin Morton at PFA* Rally stand and tell him I have bought the horizon previously discussed. Say I am on the lookout for an air DG. He comes back shortly to say he's seen a French-made one on the Nalson stand nearby. We go and look at it. It has tubing adapters on both inlet & outlet, plus a 4-pole electrical connector and a lockable trimpot. Robin thinks the socket might be for lighting, but the vendor says it is an autopilot connection. The instrument came from G-BGTP (Robin HR100/210 serial no 188 built 1974) which was damaged in a forced landing. I buy it for £125.

* The Popular Flying Association (PFA) became the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) on 2008-01-01.

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