Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2000 07

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3 Start to think about finding a mating electrical connector for the one on rear of the Badin Crouzet DG, marked: Souriau 851-02E-8-4 P-8
Phoned Paul Nalson to check if he has a connector available. Woman answers & takes message for him to ring back.
Farnell say they have stopped stocking both the Souriau and the Amphenol equivalent multipole connectors. RS stock Amphenol but only the 3 & 6 (and more), not the 4-pole. RS product helpline on 01536 402888 suggests contacting Amphenol direct on 01227 773200. Sue there says try Townsend Coates on 01162 769191 and Lisa Woods can advise on correct mating connector. Lisa says delivery of 62GB-16F08-04SN is 7-10 days and price is 30.16 + VAT. The Souriau receptacle for mating should be 851-02E-8-4 P-50 & she doesn't understand the "8" on the end of my part number - could it be a "B"? But that orientation code doesn't apply to this shell anyway. Try 01582 475757 for more info on Souriau. Recorded announcement says changed to 01582 814800. This is SCI Framatome. A man there confirms that the "8" or "B" is peculiar but after check on all visible aspects of my connector says that 851-06EC-8-4S-50 should mate OK. The "-50" means gold-plated contacts. He suggests Northern Connectors can supply, phone 01744 815001, fax 01744 814040. Alison at Northern Connectors quotes 2-3 days delivery, 10.29 + 6.25 del + VAT - at 19.43 total, a much better price!
Paul Nalson eventually replies by e-mail that he hasn't got a connector.

13 Order 4-pole Souriau connector from Northern Connectors.
18 Souriau connector arrives. It fits.
31 Fit first two sections of plywood floor to trailer; a full sheet running fore-and aft at the nearside rear corner, and a half-sheet (8'x2') to fill the offside rear corner. Use jigsaw to cut notches for frame uprights and diagonals. Although they are much shallower than that, a 45 degree cut seems to be fine for the diagonals. Trim the angled waste pieces with the tenon saw. Varnish edges of ply and apply Zinc 2000 to metalwork before assembly. Mark rivet positions on centreline of cross members and at 200mm spacing outwards from that line. Only install cross-member rivets at +/- 200mm and +/- 800mm as others come close to track positions. Fit rivets along outer edges where diagonal members allow access. At first the air rivet puller seems reluctant to pull rivets tight enough to snap the stems. It also leaks quite a bit of air, which I hadn't noticed before. The lazy tongs riveter works fine, though. Use it anyway for the rivets on the second section as it's getting late and want to avoid disturbing the neighbours by running the compressor again. Seem not to have been supplied with woodscrews for securing the pieces of wood which go under the joint between the ply panels, but 1" x 8 seem ideal. Use 3 each side of the joint per bay. Everything seems to fit well and both trailer and ply sheets are satisfactorily square. The half-width sheet was cut about 2mm undersize; it could have been correct size without making the other half skimpy, as the jigsaw left a fairly narrow kerf.

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