Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2000 05

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4 Order air filter with adapters, etc, from Axminster Power Tool Centre for spraygun
8 Order face mask with dust + organic vapours filter from D&M.
15 Spray (uncut) trailer floorboards with varnish. Fairly successful despite more wind than preferred. Takes about two-thirds of a 2.5 litre can (thinned with about 15% white spirit) to cover both sides of 5-off 8'x4' sheets. For the future, need to put a flexible connection at base of spraygun as regulator + water separator + PCL bayonet is too long and unwieldy when obstructions are near bottom of workpiece. Mask works well despite beard, cannot detect any smells of varnish or white spirit.
26 Buy dehumidifier at Homebase discount day.

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