Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2024 02

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29 Re-check cushion cover template and fabric cutting plan. Decide to start with the smallest ones, reconstituted foam 200mm x 450mm x 50mm, for which the overall size of the template is 525mm x 725mm. Print out the template for that size. Unroll a length of the fabric on the living room carpet. Double-check the appropriate way to lay out the pieces for optimum use of the whole length. Plan the position of the templates to keep the pattern symmetrical on both cushion covers. Mark the 1st template outline, seam lines and notches using tailor's chalk. Started with white but that hardly marks at all so switch to blue which is OK. Cut out the 1st template. That leaves a strip that I can use for test sewing.

Try to wind a bobbin with the stout thread but two of the bobbins will not fit on the bobbin winder. Leave them aside for possible reaming later. Remove 6 colours of thread from another bobbin and try to wind it, but cannot get the stop motion knob to work properly for bobbin winding. Remove it from the handwheel and clean the mating surfaces then oil them before re-assembly. There are 2 possible orientations for the clutch washer which has 2 internal tags and 3 external ones. Of course the first way I try is wrong - although the stop works OK, the motion will not operate reliably, so dismantle and re-assemble, which gets things working nicely now. Fill a bobbin with the stout thread, fit it into the case and then to the shuttle.

Thread needle and try some lines of stitch on 2 layers of small offcuts of the material. Several issues arise but are all eventually solved; needle with correct size hole for thread; absolutely correct thread routing; pressure adjustment, feed dog and thread tension. Tried overlock stitch on the cut edge, but that seems rather hard to control for a good effect. Finally got good results on a sample, including speed control for reversing at ends of seam.

Nothing for it now but to tackle the actual workpiece. Fold the cut corners as described in the YouTube tutorial I have been following (Diy Easy 1 piece boxed cushion cover tutorial by Steh Hiesher) and sew them down. 3 out of 4 go quite easily and the 4th is fine on second try.

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