Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2024 01

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6 Soak 10 off Tinnerman washers in a small bowl of acetone to degrease. With an acetone-soaked tissue, wipe clean and degrease the 10 positions for cowl screws not yet occupied. Remove the washers from the acetone bath and leave on clean tissue to dry off. Mix 15g + 6g Araldite 420 (Redux) and add a few doses of flox to stiffen it. For each of the 10 cowl screw positions in turn, apply Redux around the hole, press a Tinnerman washer into place, grease the appropriate-length screw, fit it then clean up excess Redux and grease with an acetone-soaked tissue. At the starboard forward position where the anchor nut was re-positioned, fill the old hole in the upper cowling with Redux-flox. Put a sample label on the remaining Redux (still much more than needed). 3778.8
9 File 3 Redux-flox samples from mixing cups. Spend some time tidying up various parts of the garage. 3781.1

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