Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2021 09

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3 At the LAA Rally, LAS Aerospace are offering free delivery on anything ordered, so decide to order some Redux (Araldite 420) to ensure I have enough fresh stock for bonding in the cockpit transparencies.
6 Fit the new TiN 8mm slot drill in the milling machine and open up the slot all the way through. Remove workpieces from milling vise and deburr. Tap the holes M3 and clean up. Check fit of the chosen screws and their engagement with the slots in the back of the CO detector - all perfect. 3568.4
18 Remembering that Araldite 420 (Redux) hardener now comes in plastic bottles which allow it to deteriorate quite rapidly, look for and order some glass bottles online.
21 Araldite 420 (Redux) delivered from LAS Aerospace.
24 Glass bottles delivered. One of the caps does not fit very well but others seem OK. Open the recently-received Araldite 420 (Redux) hardener plastic bottle and decant it into one of the glass bottles. Leave it draining into a funnel for a while to get the last dregs out. Decant the one remaining plastic Redux hardener bottle into another glass bottle. Label both bottles with batch number and expiry date.
27 Contact EGBJ fire service to ask when would be convenient to look at the proposed trailer parking space and agree to come on Wed afternoon.
29 Visit EGBJ and see the parking space with the fire service manager. Full of various junk at present, but looks OK, with room to drive in forwards and unhitch, and open space at back of trailer for rigging. Meet the accounts manager and am quoted £5.62 + VAT per sq m per month. The confirmation e-mail describes the charge as for hangarage so wonder if it's been clear that what I want is outside space.
30 Degrease the aluminium mounting plates and the M3 button-head screws with acetone. Mix a small batch of Evo-Stik 2-hour Control Epoxy and apply it to the holes in the mounts and to the ends of the screws. Fit the screws and tighten against a suitable piece of plastic so they will be a firm fit on the CO detector slots. Wipe off excess epoxy. Tidy up some tools and materials. Take the mounts in to the boiler cupboard to cure.

Send e-mail back to accounts manager to check if the rate quoted does apply to outdoor space.

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