Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2012 07

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24 Open garage door to let sun shine in. 28C, 29%RH. Mark position of TS05 link rod restraint bulkhead on inside of fuselage with felt-tip. Abrade bonding areas on fuselage and bulkhead. Secure bulkhead in position with 5-minute epoxy. Cut 4 strips of BID 50mm x 200mm and some BID patches about 35mm square for nuts on aft side of servo bulkhead. Resin pump has seized again. Free it up and pump some to waste to clear the tubes. Mix 2 strokes epoxy and wet out the BID strips on polyethylene sheet. Paint the bonding areas with epoxy. Apply BID strips and remove polyethylene sheet. Stipple BID into position. Cut and stipple on strips of peel-ply. Mix 1 stroke of epoxy and paint around nuts on aft side of servo bulkhead. Open a small hole in the centre of a BID patch and place around a nut. Not very successful as BID weave opens and BID slides down against bulkhead, leaving nut uncovered. Peel it off and cut the patch in two. Apply each half with the edge folded up against the nut on opposite sides. Looks a bit messy but should work better than the first attempt. Repeat for the remaining nuts. Try to punch holes in peel-ply for the screws to poke through, but the hollow punch is just not sharp enough to get through the cloth. Apply peel ply in small patches around each nut. 1430
26 Remove peel-ply and clean up edges of layups. Re-fit TS05. 1430.3

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