Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2012 05

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1 Eclipse (but not Noga) scrapers arrive. Briefly try the 258-4 bearing scraper on the LG01A/1 bush and it looks very promising.
4 Start to draw up the final shape of the LG02A channel in CADintosh. Take peel-ply off TS05 link rod restraint bulkhead. Apply some Brasso to the LG01A/1 bush already inserted into the LG01/3 frame. With some considerable effort, push the LG09 shaft repeatedly in & out of the bush. This brings up small polished areas on the inner surface of the bush where the shaft is rubbing. Scrape those with the Eclipse 258-4 bearing scraper until the polished areas disappear. Try the shaft again - slightly easier. Repeat Brasso and scraping operation until the shaft goes in without much of a push. Notice that one end of the shaft is a slightly tighter fit than the other. Offer up the 2nd LG01A/1 bush and check where it's tight in the frame - the tube is oval by about 0.5mm! To try reducing the ovality of the bush when inserted, scrape the outside of the bush with the Eclipse 96A three-square scraper at the tight points until it goes in slightly easier. Degrease everything, re-assemble with bush just entering tube and apply Loctitie 638. Press home the bush and the shaft is just about still movable by hand. Leave it for a while to let the Loctite cure. Remove LG02A from LG02/1, replacing fixings loosely. Measure LG02A for drawing. Cut and file off waste from TS05 restraint bulkhead. Check it still fits OK. Remove LG09 shaft from the LG01 frame assembly. Repeat the Brasso and scraping operation on the 2nd bush. When similar fit to first achieved, try inserting the shaft right through both bushes. Will only fit from one direction, and needs persuasion from the soft mallet. Apply Brasso and whack the shaft to drive it flush with the bush on each end alternately. After a few cycles, remove shaft and check for polished areas on both bushes. Scrape them off and try again. Shaft still a pretty tight fit, but seems to ease up with repeated drivings to and fro. Remove and scrape polished areas. This time the shaft goes in with only a slight push from one end although more of a push from the other. The first way round, it can actually be turned by very firm hand effort when in the final working position so decide that's far enough. 1425.1
5 Tidy up LG02A drawing using yesterday's measurements. Print 2 mirror-image copies.
9 Cut out and stick the LG02A templates onto the workpiece. Hacksaw off the long angled edges. Mark out the centre of the internal radius and cut it with a 25mm holesaw. 1425.7
10 Mark centre and holesaw internal radius on 2nd side of LG02A. Hacksaw in from the edges to join that radius on each side. Hacksaw off the corners of the outer radii. Round them off with a file and remove most of hacksaw marks everywhere. Using a cylindrical sanding arbour, blend the straight cuts into the internal radius and remove hacksaw marks. Smooth rest of internal angles. Smooth the outer cut edges with the belt sander, then polish off finally with the ScotchBrite wheel. Think about re-assembling it and consider that the other shaft should be fitted first. Get LG02B shaft out, but it won't fit in LG02A. 1427.3
11 During flight to San Francisco, check parts cross-reference database for all references to LG02B. It only appears on pages 29-5, 29-6 & 29-9. None of these make any reference to fitting the bungee anchor tube into LG02A, so will have use initiative!
23 Order 3ml tube of Loctite 638 from Amazon.
24 Order adjustable reamer 19/32" to 21/32" (15.08125mm to 16.66875mm) from Tracy Tools, for enlarging the hole in LG02A to fit LG02B.
25 Adjustable reamer & Loctite 638 delivered.
29 Try adjustable reamer in LG02A - as received, set near small end of range, it passes through without cutting. Wind it along a couple of turns and it starts to cut. Take it part-way in only on each side and that is enough to allow LG02B to enter without resistance. Clean up LG02B on Scotchbrite wheel. 1427.5

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