Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2011 01

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13 12C, 94% RH. Cut a large piece of polyethylene sheet off the roll and drape over rear fuselage with a piece of ply to support it at the forward end above the fan heater. Turn heater on and in a few minutes it's reached 32C, 29% RH in the bulkhead area. Realise now I started too late to get this comfortably finished today so turn off heater. Measure length of edge of bulkhead and find it will need 4 off 1100mm tapes, 100mm wide (for 50mm lap onto each surface) and 4 off 170mm x 125mm for torque tube reinforcements. Check the width at the torque-tube centre using piano-wire and find it is 259mm - it should be 255mm +/- 2mm. Why didn't I check that when bonding in the bulkhead with 5-minute epoxy? Must have been too focused on getting the bulkhead square. Cut the 5-minute epoxy away using a hacksaw blade and sand back the edges of the bulkhead until the fuselage outer faces are 256mm apart. Re-fix with 5-minute epoxy and clamp the faces together using brass electrical terminals on the piano wire. Observe that the fit of the fuselage sides against the bulkhead is now much better all round. 1360.6
15 Check torque-tube pilot hole positions and relieve them slightly with Perma-Grit needle file to get them parallel to bulkhead. Scuff-sand all bonding areas. Mark up 4 off 125mm x 175mm BID tapes and 4 off 1100m x 100 mm BID tapes. Cut and mark up 4 pieces of polyethylene sheet to do layups on. 1361.8
31 Having advertised the WAM-120 again in Light Aviation and received a firm offer, it is collected today by the buyer.

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