Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2004 11

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6 For film-can spraygun, make air nozzle from 5/8" brass bar stock. Small hole for nozzle end finishes up beautifully concentric with larger hole drilled from rear end. Setup for and cutting the 1/4" BSP thread (19TPI, 0.516" OD) is a bit boring but it looks fine and fits the blow-gun well. Make an aluminium bracket from a piece of angle. Start to think about how to hold the M6 screws true for drilling the paint nozzle etc without damaging the threads. 737.8
8 Start to make paint nozzle of film-can spraygun. 2 false starts with the M6 screws, held in the 6mm collet. First one was drilled too large (forgot I was going to use 3mm bore plastic tube for pickup) and second one broke the 1.6mm drill bit. Whatever sort of brass these screws are made of, it's not easy to machine. Give up and cut off 50mm of 5/16" brass bar stock which machines beautifully. Start thinking about how to (a) hold and (b) chamfer the paint-tube collars at 15 degrees. 742.0
9 Decide to hold collars by tapped holes, correct distance apart for relative lengths. Draw up in CADintosh to get distance right.
12 Mount large angle plate square on cross-slide of lathe and drill from headstock 5mm diameter at 13.1mm centres. Cut off 2 lengths of 7/16" brass bar stock just over maximum length of each collar. For each, face one end and drill through 4.4mm, then tap M5. Fit angle plate to cross-slide at 15 degrees, fit collars to pre-drilled holes with M5 brass screws. Fit 1/2" end mill in chuck and mill across both collars. Mount each collar on M5 screw and hold in 5mm collet to skim outer diameter and clean up edge of milled face. Hold each in 3-jaw chuck and drill out to 6mm. Drill film canister lid 6mm. Assemble whole thing - looks good. 745.1
18 Get airline connectors for film-can spraygun and also cheap 1.8mm nozzle spray gun at Machine Mart.

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