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These web pages reflect the latest changes in my life. After Wilma, my wife of nearly 40 years, died at the beginning of 2009, I thought that I would be on my own for the rest of my life, and was not seeking any new relationship. However, I have to my great surprise and delight found another woman who truly cares for me, and I for her. On several occasions while discussing the provisions of our wills Wilma and I had talked about what might happen when either one of us died. We each hoped that the other would not be inhibited from forming a new relationship should the opportunity arise, and did not want the survivor to stay alone and lonely out of misplaced respect for the dead partner. So, I know that this new partnership with Dorothy has Wilma's blessing.

My friendship with Dorothy grew deeper in the Autumn of 2009 through sharing cycle rides and home-made soup. Our relationship is rooted in our spiritual life and we feel that is the soundest possible basis. In early 2010 we realised how much we meant to each other, and decided to marry. Our wedding took place on 19th June 2010 at Cheltenham Friends Meeting House.

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Rowland's homebuilt aeroplane project Aviation-related downloads and aeromodelling links
Some aerial photographs taken by Rowland Old photographs, mostly relating to Dalriada School where Rowland had his secondary education
Some ancestors; extracts from the thousands of names collected in Rowland's genealogical file Some things in memory of Rowland's late wife Wilma
Wednesday Walks collected data
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Quakers in Britain - information about the Religious Society of Friends Friends Meeting Cheltenham - this is our local Quaker Meeting
Gloster Strut - the local branch of the Light Aircraft Association (formerly the Popular Flying Association) Europa Club OnLine - for builders of the Europa kitplane
The Cheltenham Festivals - some of the cultural stuff that's happening here throughout the year. Friends of Pittville - dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Pittville area of Cheltenham, with plenty of pictures
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