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As mentioned on the pages about my homebuilt aeroplane project, I've been keen on flying as long as I can remember, and I've also been keen on photography. When I started to train for my private pilot's licence, I often wanted to capture what I saw, and from time to time persuaded the instructors to take a few minutes off from training so I could pop open the window of the Cessna 150 and take a few pictures. This seems an ideal combination of two enjoyable activities, and I have tried to take photos from the air ever since, when it is safe and suitable to do so. Other pilot friends are usually only too happy to take control while I use the camera.

Obviously, as I don't have a commercial pilot's licence, I am not permitted to profit from my flying by selling my aerial pictures, but I wanted to allow others to share my enjoyment of flying and the views it offers. The creation of these pages was stimulated by noting how many visitors are attracted to the few aerial pictures on other parts of this website. I am grouping the pictures in geographical areas - North Antrim, Suffolk and Gloucestershire.

For aerial pictures of Scotland, have a look at Alan Moar's website. He has a wide range of pictures from all around Scotland.

The pictures which this page introduces have mostly been scanned from the original roll-film and 35mm negatives and transparencies, either by me (on a Canon Canoscan 9900F) or by the processing house. In some recent cases the source is a digital camera. Each picture page describes how that image was captured. The roll-film negatives reveal all their detail when printed to A3 or larger, but it's impractical to show them on a web page at that resolution - a 1600DPI scan of a 6x7 negative typically yields a JPEG file over 10MB in size. I have re-scaled them and adjusted the JPEG compression to let them be viewed at what I hope are reasonable resolution, retaining as much information as possible while minimising file sizes for rapid image rendering. [I have found no finer tool than GraphicConverter (Mac-only) for this sort of image manipulation.] If you have trouble viewing the pictures, please let me know details of the problem so that I can make them accessible to as many people as possible.

I hope you find something of interest here. If you can add to or correct any of the information shown, please click here to contact me. To defeat spammers, you'll have to confirm that you are human before your message can reach me.

Click on the following descriptions to see a list of the pictures available in that category.

North Antrim

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