Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2015 07

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6 Gradually getting back to normal after the party; various things such as flying some hours to renew my licence validity are still distracting me from garage work. Remove the turn indicator and the 12V-24V converter from the main diagram, updating it to v11. Re-position the USB power outlet on the B9 fuse outlet. Edit the misc diagram to match. Remove the wires for the turn indicator from the wiring file and change the fuse connexion for the USB outlet.
10 As there was no response to the ad I placed in Light Aviation, advertise Rapco vacuum pump on eBay at a lower price. It sells before the end of the day!
13 Post vacuum pump kit to eBay buyer.
25 Advertise directional gyro & artificial horizon on eBay.
25 Aluminium AN spanners for fuel connexions arrive in the post from Esther.
31 At last, and just in time, manage to get enough solo hours to renew my licence validity, with a trip from Kemble to Dunkeswell and return in CSA PS-28 Sport Cruiser G-CJHB. Next month should be more free of distractions from aeroplane building.

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